Sunday, July 31, 2011

FHE at toads!

We live pretty close to Toad's fun zone and they had this awesome deal in the hometown values magazine a few months ago.
2 large pizza's
4 drinks
4 ice cream cones
8 attractions (mini golf, laser tag, go carts, etc.)
AND $20 of arcade money
All for only $39! And you don't have to use it all at once!
I thought this would probably get us at least two nights of entertainment but after our first trip we still will probably be able to go back at least two more times! So I figure it was worth my $39!

We went one night for FHE and got one pizza, two drinks, and then we only spent $10 in our arcade money and it kept us busy for about 2 hours!

Waiting for pizza. . . so excited :)

The kids loved the merry-go-round at the arcade!

Whatever this game is. . . hitting sharks or something!

Owen thought he'd give it a try too! I just love that big happy face :)

Baylee took a chance at this machine. . .

And scored 40 tickets! Lucky girl!

Owen was so excited about all of the lights and games!
He followed Baylee and Mark around everywhere. . . then I followed him with the camera :)

We took a ride together on the motorcycle! Mark was so embarrassed that I didn't know that you turn the handle to give it gas! Silly me!
I guess I haven't spent enough time on a motorcycle the real kind or the arcade kind :)

Picking out the prizes! Which btw are a total rip off! Baylee did get a pretty awesome cheetah print slap bracelet though! Everything else she got has already been thrown away or broken.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bear Lake Vacation!

Mark and I decided we need to start having family vacations every year! So, this year we went to Bear Lake!

We just stayed in a one bedroom condo for 2 nights! It was really fun to spend time together! The first day we got there we went to the north shore it was fun, but. . . It was so gross we were by this umm. . . let's just say "white trash" group of people. There were like 4 girls and a couple of guys and maybe 3 little kids. They were being kind of noisy and drinking (which is super classy to do while supervising young children near water! Idiots!). But I was fine with it, trashy people have to vacation too, but then I hear one of the girls yell to her friend (I'll censor this for ya), "Shoot! She pooped in her swimming suit! What do I do?" I immediately thought, "Please, Please, Please take her up to your truck and take care of it there!" Of course they couldn't hear my thoughts and they proceeded to wash this maybe 2-year-old girl out in the lake! Gross! Mark and Baylee were already playing out in the lake, so I went and told Mark and we moved as far away from them as we could! So gross! Why do people like that have to ruin things for everyone? Ugh! Going around giving everyone diseases! Sick!

Anyways, I just tried to take my mind off of what was in the Lake, so I could enjoy our little family trip! Germs can't travel that far can they? I actually took a picture of those people and I was going to post it, but since there were innocent children in it I decided not to. But, if you see a truck with Wyoming plates and vinyl lettering on the window that says, "Be a flirt, lift your shirt" watch out, it's them.

Baylee and Owen loved playing in the sand and water! I bought some new sand toys and floaties to play with and they were a hit! I bought a floatie for me too and when I got on it Baylee jumped on my stomach. I couldn't believe it held up both up, but it did and we had fun floating out on the lake!

There was a swimming pool at the condo we stayed at. It was fun to swim in too! Baylee did great with her floatie! She would just kick herself all over the pool! I took her swimming the week before we left and she didn't have a floatie and she was super clingy in the water! She loved her floatie though, she wanted to do it all by herself and not even have us by her.

We went swimming our first night there and Mark took Owen up to our room around 8 to put him to bed, but Baylee wanted to keep swimming. I stayed down with her and after awhile I noticed a big group of people getting out of the pool at the same time. When they were walking by us they told us someone had had a bowel movement in the pool! Baylee and I hurried out of the water too! I couldn't believe that was two poop incidents in one day! People, please have your children wear swim diapers! Seriously! So far none of us have showed signs of having cryptosporidium thank goodness!

The next day we were there we were eager to go to a different beach! My sister was at Bear Lake too with her husbands family, so we met up with them at their beach! Baylee's allergies had been acting up while we were up there. I had given her Benadryl in the morning because it usually doesn't seem to make her too tired and I figured since we were going to the beach she'd be excited and stay awake anyways, but it knocked her out! She feel asleep a little while after we got there and she slept even when we got back to our condo!

Steph and Matt!

Playing on the beach! Before Baylee fell asleep!

That night we went to La Beau's to get shakes! They were tasty!

The Monday before our trip was July 11th so 7-11 and I had taken the kids to get free slurpee's at 7-Eleven. When we told Baylee we were going to get shakes she kept saying "Let's go get our free slurpee's now!" Then when she got her shake she tasted it and said she didn't like it cause it wasn't a slurpee! She just wanted to go get another free slurpee!

I thought she shakes were pretty good though! Steph got raspberry and cheesecake in hers! It was so good!

On our way home we stopped in Logan. Mark grew up there so he wanted to drive around and reminisce for awhile. This is the house he lived in from when he was about 8 or so till 14. Then they moved to Ogden. His Logan house happened to be for sale too! If you want to buy it or look at the pictures online click here. It's a really cute house!

Then we stopped at the Logan temple and walked around for a little while!

Then we went to get Aggie ice cream! I'd never had it before and it was pretty good!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July!

We love the 4th of July!
This year my sister and brother-in-law invited us to go with them to the Kaysville parade. Matt's family goes every year so they had a nice spot saved! It was really fun. I guess they have a big water fight/ water parade after, but we skipped that part. I'm pretty sure Baylee would have hated it :)

It was so nice to have an overcast day, so it wasn't too hot!
This was a truck with military veterans in it!

Baylee liked the parade, but she didn't like the people throwing candy at her!
She liked the candy, just not the having it chucked at you part!

I took the kids to see the fireworks that night and Mark stayed home so he could sleep because he had to get up early and go to work the next day.
But, before we went to the fireworks we had a BBQ at my mom's house. It was lots of fun!

I took a picture of the treats I took to the BBQ!
Homemade oreos, indoor s'mores, and s'more cookies!

I love s'more cookies!

Last year Baylee was kind of afraid of the fireworks, but she really seemed to like them this year!

Owen wasn't afraid of fireworks. He was just afraid of sitting in the back of my car!

We parked in the stake center by Weber High School (where the light the fireworks). Then I took the car seats out and folded down the back. I though it would be fun to sit in there.
(Good thing I brought chairs! We just sat outside by the car and he was perfectly happy.)

Owen did not agree! For some reason it completely freaked him out!

Baylee thought it was fun though!

Owen is a walking baby!

Do you really have to call kids toddlers once they can walk? I'm not going to. I'm not ready for Owen to be a toddler. I'm just going to call him my walking baby.
It's so funny how with the first kid you really want them to hurry and reach all these milestones, but the second time around you just want them to not grow up so fast! Owen took his first steps probably a month or so ago and now he's really getting consistent about this walking thing. I have to admit though it's pretty darn cute to see him toddling around the house! It still kind of catches me off guard! Today when I came home from work I walked into the kitchen and Owen just walked up to me and put out his arms so I'd pick him up! He's so sweet! I just love my walking baby!

This is the best video I've been able to get of him walking so far. Every time he sees an electronic device he cries until you give it to him! There have been many times when Owen has been doing something cute, but the second he sees the camera he stops what he's doing and starts crying until he gets the camera!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary! Six years!

Mark and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on July 1st!

We went to the Bountiful temple in the morning!
Thanks again for watching our kids Steph!

Then we got a babysitter for that evening and we went to color me mine in Ogden!
It was so fun!

Mark made a WSU plate!
We can't get enough Weber stuff around our house ;)

I painted flowers on an oval platter!

Ta-da! I stole this idea from a friend of mine!
I saw a plate she made there on facebook, so I tried to copy it!

How it works is you go in and they have a bunch of ceramic stuff to choose from. Then you get to paint it and they fire them and you go pick it up in a week!
We were there for almost three hours painting! It was a lot of fun though we both really liked it! There was even a "meathead" guy in there paining while we were there so anyone can do it :)

Then after we got done painting we went to prairie schooner for dinner. I hadn't been there before and I've always wanted to try it. It was fun, but a little pricey!
We were planning on going to a movie afterwards too, but since our painting took so long we didn't get done with dinner in time. I told our babysitter we would be out pretty late, but we were home by 10:30! I guess we're getting old! We can't even stay out late if we try!

Mark went to pick up our plates today! I think they turned out pretty good!

They are kind of fun! I need to take a treat somewhere on this baby now!

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

Mark and Baylee want a dog! They really really want a dog! But, we just don't have room in our house right now and we also don't have our own backyard.
So last week Mark wanted to take the kids to the animal shelter to walk some dogs. It was lots of fun!
Baylee really loved this little dog! I'm pretty sure it was full grown, but Baylee said, "If I take it home and feed it and let it sleep it will grow big!"

We really liked this dog! He was so sweet and mellow!
If we do ever get a dog I want a mellow one for sure!

He really was sweet. He was 7 months old and very well behaved! If you want this dog go to the Weber County animal shelter by the fair grounds. His name is Bandit!

Mark wanted to walk this huge dog! He kind of scared the kids though so we didn't go with him! He jumped on Baylee and she didn't want anything to do with him after that.