Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas! 
We had a busy and fun Christmas this year!

We spent Christmas Eve with my family. 
Baylee and Grandma 

Everyone getting ready to eat dinner.  

Owen trying to blow out the centerpiece candles. 

 Baylee playing with the nativity.

We all got the same present from my parents this year!  

We are taking an airplane ride to Tampa Florida. . .  

Then we are going on a cruise to Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel.  

Baylee is pretty excited to go on her first plane ride! 
It will be so nice to go spend sometime in some warm weather! 

Grandma had more presents for Baylee and Owen.  

New pj's and slippers. 

New blankets! 

Owen checking out Buzz Lightyear  

 They both got puppies!

Baylee named her puppy Furry and Owen's puppy is named Gurry. 

They LOVE these dogs! 

Here we are posing for a family picture! 
Ha ha! Furry and I are the only ones looking at the camera!  

That's better. It's about as good as we get with our kids anyway.  

My parents! Love these two! 

Baylee and Owen sitting with great-grandpa-Mitchell. 

Baylee and Owen with great-grandpa Mitchell again.

Baylee with her presents from Grandma and Grandpa!  

Owen's presents. He would not sit still for a picture with his stuff!  

When we got home from the party the kids had more pj's to open! 
Baylee got more princess ones, but she decided to wear the ones grandma gave her to bed
 cause they are warmer than the ones she got from Mark and me.  

Owen liked the football on his new pj's. 

The girls all ready for bed. 

The boys in their new pj's. 

The next morning we went downstairs to see what Santa brought us!  

Owen got a mini WSU basketball in his stocking! 

Baylee had lots of yummy treats in her stocking!  

Mark got a huge present from Santa! 

Baylee got a barbie car! 

Owen got a buzz and woody figurines! 
He also got a shake n' go car that we didn't take a picture of.  

Owen got a huge truck with some cars to go on it!  

Baylee got a Fancy Nancy doll!

She got a Rapunzel doll and dress set!   

Baylee was pretty excited to see what daddy got! 

A new TV! 
A couple of days after Christmas Baylee said that she doesn't like our new TV downstairs, 
and she thinks it should go up in her room! 
Then she decided if she couldn't have the new TV
 she would also like the old TV in her room! 
We told her there is no chance that she will ever have a TV in her room :) 

 I got a Kitchen Aid mixer! I'm very excited about this! 

Mark and I gave the kids some clothes. 

We also gave them books.
Baylee got The Giving Tree.
We checked it out at the library once and she loved it! 
It was one of my favorite books when I was growing up too!

Owen got one of my other favorite books!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar!
He loves it! 
We got this book once form the library too,
and he remembered it.
 Right away he started to pretend to eat the pages :) 
Baylee also got an barbie that you can paint it's finger nails from Aunt Brittney and Uncle Marshall!
Owen got a tool set that is so cute and Baylee and Owen both love to play with it! 

We went to my parents ward for Sacrament meeting. Our ward was having church at 9 and my parents had theirs at 11, so we thought that was better!
After Church my mom showed Baylee what Santa brought her!
A Cotton candy maker!

My sister crocheted the cutest hats for Baylee and Owen, but they never would hold still in them long enough for a decent picture.
I really need to take a picture of them in them! 
Baylee got a monkey and Owen got a little monster hat!  

Then we went over to Mark's parents house to eat dinner with them 
and have the annual Berger Christmas program. 

I guess by this point I was done taking pictures, 
cause I don't have very many from the Berger party. 

Baylee got a fun sticker book from Uncle Andrew and Aunt Gwen. 
She got an awesome fisher price iXL from nana and papa! She loves it!
Owen got a Basketball hoop for the bath tub that he really loves from Uncle Andrew and Aunt Gwen.
He got balls, books, and clothes from nana and papa!
Marks parents gave us a beautiful Christus statue.

We got Papa this Wofford shirt. It's kind of an inside joke.
He loved it! 

I thought I'd end with this beautiful centerpiece my mom had on the table on Christmas Eve!

Baylee discovered the "I'm getting nutting for Christmas" song
this year and she loves it! 

Christmas morning!

Owen eating his caterpillar book and Baylee opening the giving tree. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

What do you do when it's cold outside?

What do we do when it's cold outside?

We. . . 
 Take BIG bubble baths!
Yep, Owen is not the only one in the tub in that picture!
Baylee is under all of the bubbles!

They thought it was so funny to have so many bubbles in the tub!

My little trick for such a bubbly bubble bath is. . .  

My foot spa and a little water and shampoo! 
I just turn it on the air setting and it just keeps the bubbles coming! 

They were in the tub for at least an hour, maybe two!

 We also make slime. . . 
It is easy to make just borax, glue, and water.
 Baylee loved helping!
It was pink, but it looks red in the pictures.  

Some blue slime for Owen.  

Mixed it all together. . .  

For purple slime! 

We play in the snow. . .

On our way to the car. . . 

To go visit the dentist!

 The awesome hygienist gives rides in the dentist chair! 

We dress like daddy! 

We move the gingerbread man in our Christmas countdown to the 24th.
Baylee continues to be disappointed that this doesn't get Christmas here any faster!

We go to Weber State Basketball games with daddy! 

We play at the playground at the mall.
Baylee was showing me the big fish she caught while she was in that boat! 

Owen crawling through a tunnel

I told the kids they could ride the train at the mall, but the train conductor had gone to lunch. 
So they settled for a ride on the merry-go-round instead.  

Then I let them ride in a car too. . . Owen was too focused on driving to look at the camera. 

We go see Santa at Christmas Village in Ogden.
I had my camera all ready to go. I even made sure the battery was charged.
Then I left it by the front door! 
So, we only have cell phone pictures with Santa. 
  Waiting in line! 
 Baylee and Santa! 
She was too shy to ask for anything, but she was fine to sit with him for a picture. 
She said after he brings her presents then she will tell us if that is what she wanted :)

Owen was pretty tired when we were standing in line, but he didn't cry when he saw Santa.  
He's a pretty brave little boy! 

Baylee found my makeup that I left in the backseat of the car, so she made herself beautiful on the ride home! 

We make tons of Christmas treats to take around to our friends and neighbors! 

We still have fun when it's cold outside, but we can't wait till spring!