Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Words!

I found a list of words Baylee could say between 12 and 18 months. Since Owen is almost 18 months I thought it would be fun to write down the words Owen has been saying to compare them.

Hi (this was her first word)
Patti (for patti cake)


Football (not even joking the knows the difference between ball and football)
Golf ball (we live by a golf course)
Balloon (he loves balloons)
Belly button (he always tries to lift up my shirt to check out my belly button)
All done
Teeth (he loves to brush his teeth and he calls his binkie teeth)
Beau Beau (his cousin funny he can say Beau, but he doesn't even try to say Baylee)
Poo poo (I'm hopping to get him potty trained early)
Bath (he loves the bath)
Button (he's always playing with the buttons on the computer and remotes)
Dada (he's a total daddy's boy)
Mama (he says dada way more than mama)

I was actually surprised that Owen can say a few more words than Baylee did.
Maybe I'm just better at understanding what he's saying because I'm more accustomed to baby talk. Also I think he can say more because of Baylee she's always teaching him new things!
 Owen loves balls these days and every time I open the closet we keep them in he stands there and says, "ball, ball, ball!" Until I get them all out. Then there is a football we keep on the top shelf, so once all the balls are out he point up and says, "Football!"  He loves to sit with Mark and watch football on TV and everytime someone says football he pretends he is throwing something! It's pretty stinking adorable! 
We live by a golf course and every once in awhile Mark with go golf ball hunting and pick up the ones that have gone over the fence.  I think his record was like 31 balls once.  Anyways, we always have golf balls floating around our house and they are mixed in with the toys (drives me crazy I try to keep them in the garage, but they always end up in drawers and closets everywhere).  I think that is why Owen learned how to say golf ball.  
Owen is at such a fun age right now and it's fun to see how much he understands and how much he's learned in the last 18 months!  Crazy how smart they are at this age!  

It's fall y'all! Pumpkinaze and Dinosaur Park

We have been having a fun fall around here. I have absolutely been loving this weather. It has been so perfect. I hope it lasts a few more months! (I can dream!)
Baylee had her first school field trip to the Pumpkinaze in West Haven!

The kids had fun with the games!  

Owen wasn't the only little brother to tag along!  That little boy in the red is in our ward and Owen always plays with him during Sunday school.  

Owen getting into the candy Baylee's teacher said he could :)

In the corn maze! Baylee kept telling me that she was "the map" 
she's a pretty good one cause we didn't even get lost.   

 Baylee the ghost!

 Baylee the pumpkin head!

 Baylee the black cat! 

 Digging for candy in the corn! So fun!

Baylee has been obsessed with wanting to go to Dinosaur Park lately!  
It's a perfect fall activity!

Feeding the ducks! 

On an "excabation" as Baylee calls it!   

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family Picture Time 2011

We had Mark's dad take some family pictures for us!  I love how they turned out!  I love getting family pictures taken.  We try to do it every year!  

We went to Union Station.  It's a popular picture place and we hadn't ever done any there before.  It was the second place we went though, and it was Owen's nap time, so it was getting harder to get him to cooperate. We didn't get to find as many fun picture spots as I would have liked to, but I think that the spots we did find turned out great!

I drive by this awesome colorful garage door almost every time I go to work.  I noticed it about a year ago and I've been dying to have pictures taken by it!  
I'm so glad we went there I love, love,love the bright colors!  

I love these pictures with Owen and the balloons! So cute and so fun!  

One thing I didn't think about when I decided to get balloons for a prop is that Baylee is terrified of balloons and kites flying away.  She always wants to keep them inside where they are safe!  She was really worried when Owen was holding the balloons!
She is too funny

Here are a few more train pictures!