Monday, November 28, 2011

Baylee and Owen Update

I took Baylee and Owen in for well-child checkups today. Baylee had to get shots this time and Owen didn't. Baylee wasn't too excited about it, but she was super brave and hardly even cried. 

Baylee is 32 lbs her weight is in the 19th percentile. 
Her height is 3'3.5" in the 34th percentile. 

Owen is 26 lbs his weight is in the 50th percentile. 
His height is 33" in the 51st percentile. 

The Doctor noticed today that both kids have heart murmurs. She doesn't think it's anything to worry about, but she wants them to both have an echo done just to make sure everything is fine. 

I took a couple of pictures of the kids in their new Sunday Christmas outfits yesterday.
I may be biased, but I think they are pretty stinking cute!
Baylee 4 years
Owen 18 months

Owen has been learning new words like crazy lately! It amazes me how much he can say! He has started saying up, apple, shoes, sock, snacks, treats, I want some (sounds like "I tum").
He loves to buckle the buckles on his highchair. He will say to me "Buckle!" then when he want's to do it again "Unbuckle!" It can keep him busy for hours.
He hates to wear a bib while he eats. He always tears his bib off. 
He learned how to sign and say "sorry" it is the cutest thing!
He can spit in the sink when we finish brushing his teeth. It's pretty cute!
He loves dogs and basketball hoops. At church when we sit in the overflow he points up and screams at the hoop. Yesterday at church I pulled out a book with some dog pictures in it and he started screaming "Dog! A Dog!" I had to put the book away because he wouldn't stop.
Owen is now officially in nursery. I'm his nursery leader though so he's been coming since he was about 15 months. He loves playing with the kids and they love him back! Yesterday he went up to a little boy that is his age and he gave him a big long hug! The little boy just stood there like he didn't know what to do. It was so sweet!

Baylee has been lots of fun lately. She is so smart and knows just what she wants. She's pretty stubborn about it too! A couple of weeks ago I was getting ready to go to work and the kids were playing upstairs in their room. I noticed Baylee carrying a toy out of her room and she came and set it down in my room. Owen was right behind her following the toy. When she set it down he stopped to play with it. Then Baylee hurried back to their room and hurried and shut the door behind her. I guess she wanted to play in their room by herself! She used to just push him out of the room and shut the door, so I thought it was an improvement for her to lure him out! 

One day Baylee wanted some Frosted Mini-Wheats for breakfast I gave them to her then a little while later she left the table and I noticed they were still sitting there. When I looked at them closer I noticed that she had chewed the frosting off of all of them and then didn't eat anything else!

One day Baylee had a doll she was trying to keep out of Owen's reach. She set it up on a chair then she walked over to Owen and grabbed his hand and held it up in the air. Then she took her hand and measured from where Owen could reach over to the chair. Just to make sure it was really out of his reach! 

A few funny things Baylee has sad lately:

One day at preschool they walked down to a playground to play. Baylee told me that she had to walk for 100 days to get to the playground.

Baylee: "Am I going to get a new mom?"
Me: "Why would you get a new mom?"
Baylee: "Cause your too old."

We had a big bag of books we checked out from the library. Mark was going to read Baylee a bed time story so she dragged the books over to him and says, "Boy-o-boy I must have drank a lot of milk!"

Baylee's favorite colors are pink, brown, black, and white. 

One day I made Baylee some french toast for breakfast and she was getting pretty frustrated with it because it wouldn't stay on her fork when she tried to eat it. She said to me, "Mommy, this bread keeps falling of my fork! It isn't telling the truth!" She tried it again and it fell again, "Now this isn't telling the truth!" 
Don't you just hate dishonest french toast?

Baylee can be quite the toilet paper waster. Mark started telling her to only use 3 squares of toilet paper and she's pretty particular that it is exactly 3 perfect squares of toilet paper. One day after she had gone potty I handed her her 3 squares and she says, "Mommy, I actually use 4 squares now." I guess she decided she needed 4 cause she is a 4-year-old now. 

Mark's mom came over to our house the other day and Mark had made some dinner. Mark's mom asked Baylee who is the better cook out of mommy and daddy. Baylee thought for a minute then she goes, "Daddy is the best at eggs and mommy is the best at everything else!" 
Mark does make a good egg!

One night Baylee was having oatmeal for a bedtime snack. Mark blew Baylee a goodnight kiss and Baylee pretended to catch it. Mark walked upstairs and Baylee goes, "I put it in my oatmeal!"

Monday, November 7, 2011

Snow Canyon Half Marathon!

I ran my second half marathon last week! It was the Snow Canyon Half Marathon in St. George. I ran the Top of Utah half in August and I really was only planning on only doing one this year, but after I got done I really loved it! I though to myself, "I went through all of that work!" I didn't just want to blow it by being lazy all winter. I thought it would be fun to do one more before the weather gets too cold to run outside.
My sweet friend Breann that I've worked with and known for probably 4 or 5 years said she would run it with me. She is always so nice and willing to go along with any crazy idea that I have! Breann did all of her training on a treadmill, cause her husband is away at school, and she did it all in only 8 weeks! Marks mom and her sister also came with us and they have run at least 12 half marathons, so they are seasoned pros!
I didn't take any good pictures on this trip.  These are the best ones I got and they aren't even running ones!
 Kristen, Melanee (my mil), Breann
We stopped and ate at The Pizza Factory in Cedar City on our way down. 
Breann, me 
(Mark always laughs at me when I take pictures with my phone 
I don't look at the camera I look at the image, so I'm always looking the wrong way! Oh well!)

I was excited to go to St. George for the warm weather, but sadly the cold followed us down there! The race was so cold! I'm not even sure what the temperature was I think it was in the low 40's! Not my idea of perfect running weather, but at least we didn't get too sweaty! The race course was beautiful! It was mostly downhill, so that is always nice! I beat my previous time by two minutes! I was worried I'd do worse cause I wasn't able to train as well the second time around. I kept skipping runs, and at one point I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to run the whole thing again. It took me 1 hour 51 minutes and I was 29th in my age group, so not to shabby! My plan now for the winter is to keep running, but nothing more than 5 miles for awhile!
It's funny though it wasn't that long ago that running 5 miles seemed impossible! Now 5 miles doesn't seem that bad!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Fun!

 Halloween was lots of fun this year! 

Owen was a puppy! 

 Baylee was a bumble bee! 

We had a Halloween party at our house for some of the kids in our neighborhood!
I kept finding fun Halloween treats on pinterest and I wanted to try some out! 
Emmy the princess, Rylie the kitty, Baylee the bee, and Calee the fairy!
I thought we could let little kids (like Owen's age) sit at the princess table, but all of the little girls flocked to it when I pulled it out of the closet.  I was lucky there are only 4 little girls, so no one got left out!  

Rylie, Baylee, and Tayson were the only ones who wanted to do the doughnut on a string game!   

Then Owen came along to get in on the action!  

This picture cracks me up!   

We played pin the face on the pumpkin 
and ghost bowling (no pictures of the bowling).   

We carved pumpkins a few days before Halloween! 
Getting ready to paint/carve pumpkins!  

 I spray painted Baylee's pumpkin and then let her put glitter on it.  
She had a lot of fun with it.  Then she still wanted to carve it, so I carved it for her.  
I should have carved it first then did the paint and glitter, but it still turned out pretty fun! 

I gave Owen some water color paints for his pumpkin!   

 On Halloween I saw on Facebook that Lee's marketplace was having a trick-or-treat.  
I took the kids up there and I was really glad I did!  They had lots of good treats for them like string cheese, little bags of carrots, toothbrushes, chocolate milk, and candy! 

It was lots of fun trick or treating at a grocery store!  

Here is Baylee holding her finished pumpkin!  

Me trying to get a picture with the kids.  
I only got one in the picture and he's not even looking at the camera! 

They were only slightly more cooperative for a picture with daddy!   

Here is our family of pumpkins! Baylee was disappointed that mine did not have any paint on it. Mark ended up only carving a spider and painting a spider web because his pumpkin had a freakishly hard shell on it!  

Owen, Beau, Baylee
We stopped by nana and papa's house! Beau was just getting back from trick-or-treating!  

Baylee and Owen were so fun to take trick-or-treating! 
Baylee would run from house to house! It was so funny! When we were leaving the house in the picture she yelled "Thanks! And we love your pumpkins!"

We went to trick-or-treat at grandma and grandpa's house too.  They give out full size candy bars, so it's worth the drive :)

 Owen had some chocolate with his whole milk when we got home.  

Baylee wanted some milk, but when we got the skim milk out we noticed a dead fly floating in it!   
She doesn't like whole milk, so she had to go without milk! 
We thought it was a pretty gross Halloween trick!