Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We can't believe it. . . but Baylee is three!

I've been working on this blog post for about two weeks! Both of our computers have a lame virus! UGH!!! So it's taken me awhile to get this done.
Baylee turned 3 on September 21st! The Saturday before her birthday we had a fun princess party!

This is what happens when I can't fall back asleep after getting up in the middle of the night with Owen . . . I get these ideas. . . I had an idea to make a big cardboard castle to have at her party. I googled it and found a plan to make this one! Mark is such a sweet dad he was really excited about making it for his little girl!

I think it turned out great and the kids loved it!

Baylee is too spoiled! She got lots of fun presents! One of her favorite is this princess tea set!

This is singing happy birthday!

Here is Owen getting his presents from Grandma after the party! ha ha!

Mark and his awesome castle!

New princess shoes!

New pajamas!

Baylee and Owen in their monkey pajamas!

Here is her birthday door!

Baylee and Owen!

I took Baylee to play at the treehouse for a couple of hours on her birthday! Then when Mark got home we had cake and ice cream after dinner.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Princess Castle

Here is Baylee just before the party starts playing in her sweet carboard castle I made

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Owen tries solids!

Owen tried solids for the first time last week!

Here we are all ready to try some rice cereal!


ah no. . . Owen does not really like solid food so far! He just spits everything right back out! We'll keep trying though :)

Snowbird Trip

We took a trip up to Snowbird last week and spent the night at my grandpa's time share!

They have a big fun playground with big ski lift swings!

Driving the car.

Going down the slide!

Grandma helping with the monkey bars!

Mommy and Baylee!

Owen is a good little traveler!

Baylee loves hida beds! She gets so excited when the couch turns into a bed!

We went on a little hike!

When I was growing up we'd go to Snowbird and walk this trail. I remember thinking it was the longest walk ever! Baylee thought it was a breeze though. She ran most of the way! This girl has too much energy!

She caught a ride on the stroller at the very end!

Owen made the trip too!

Beautiful view huh?

Owen woke up at the end!

It was pretty cold up at Snowbird but I packed our swim suits and Baylee really wanted to go swimming so she and I went one day! The water was heated so it wasn't too bad. I forgot to take the camera so we didn't get any swimming pictures!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Catch up. . .

I'm WAY behind on blogging. So here we go. . .

Baylee and I made homemade finger paints a couple of weeks ago!
I found a recipe online and it was pretty fun!

Like always Baylee was excited to help me!

She helped stir everything together.

Then I distracted her with colored water while I cooked it on the stove.

This is what it looked like. I think I made it a little too thick because Baylee spilled some water when she was pouring it in. I'll have to add a little extra next time.

I divided it up into three cups. . .

added a little food coloring. . .

and we had minutes (baylee has short attention span) of messy fun!

ha ha love this pic!

I stuck Owen's feet in!

Here is Baylee's beautiful creation!

I also made Baylee a new skirt that week! I love it!

She did not want to cooperate for pics though.

Baylee cut her hair that week too! It was kind of funny I had bought her some new conditioner so I showed it to her and she wanted some. I gave her a little bit and she stuck it in the back of her hair.

It was the Utes first football game that day so Mark stopped at his parents to watch it. I was trying to get ready to go over and Baylee came up stairs with the her little scissors. I just took them away from her and put them up high cause I only let her use them when I'm around.

We went over to Mark's parent's house and I noticed a long hair hanging from the back of Baylee's hair. I had just cut her hair the day before, so I thought maybe I had missed a piece. I pulled on it and it came out of her hair! Then every hair I pulled on came out! So I got a brush and combed through the conditioner in her hair and got a wad of hair out!

She had cut her hair at our house but it stayed in her hair because of the conditioner she had put in the back of her hair!

See the little piece of hair sticking up. Luckily her hair hides it pretty well! I'm just glad it wasn't in the front!