Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Park City and Camping!

We went to Park City with Mark's family last week! It was lots of fun! Thanks Phil and Melanee for taking us we love you guys!This was us at the Olympic Park we rode the zip line and the alpine slide there but I don't have pictures of that.
Here is Mark, his mom, and two of his brothers, Micah and Philip.

This is the s'more fudge I got at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory it's on Main Street in Park City! Yummy!

Here is Owen having fun in Park City!

Baylee loved sleeping on the pull out bed!

I'm not sure how Owen feels about Baylee's kisses!

Mark and I did a devotional one night so we had everyone act out Lehi's dream.

Baylee is always up for some Ice Cream!

This is my cute nephew Beau! He saw that I was taking pictures of Owen so he came and stood in front of my camera!

After we left Park City we met up with Marks Aunt and Uncle and their families and spent one night at the Heber Valley Girls Camp.
Baylee got to work right away digging wood chips! I loved staying at this camp it is really nice and we had so much fun!

This is Mark's uncle Rex! We love this guy! He impressed the kids with his Donald Duck voice!

When we first got to camp Baylee and I went on a walk with Mark's brother Philip and found this little hiking trail.

We saw a deer and after that Baylee was determined not to leave so we could find "Bambi."

She was a good little hiker!

Later that day we went hiking with everyone (except Micah he stayed back at the cabins with Owen) we went further on the trail Baylee and I had been walking on. It went up to a nice little look out point!
Mark and I took turns carrying Baylee up the hill!

Here is everyone!

This is around the campfire! I had so much fun camping I hadn't been since before Baylee was born so it's probably been four years!

This was Baylee running around inside our cabin!

She loved the bunk beds!

Owen was a good little sleeper!

So was Mark!

And so was Baylee!

The Heber Valley Camp is owned by the church so when you first get there couple missionaries come around and do an orientation. They told us to always have a bucket of water by the fire. They also said that the campers before us had seen a flying squirrel and they thought it was a bat, so if we thought we saw a bat not to worry it was just a flying squirrel.
The morning after we had our camp fire Baylee had been wandering around and she came over to me and said, "mom, what's in that bucket?" I said, "Did you put wood chips in it? Is there water in it?" She responded, "No. Come on what's in that bucket?" I could tell she wanted me to follow her to the bucket so I walked over and I said, "See there is just wa AHHHHHH There is something dead in there!" There was a dead critter floating in the water bucket! Mark uncle had two buckets by the fire and only poured on out the night before. The poor flying squirrel drowned in the water bucket!

dead flying squirrel picture below scroll fast if you don't want to see it!

Yucky huh!
This was me running from the squirrel! Ugh!

I went hiking to get away from the dead squirrel. Mark buried it while I was gone. Thanks honey! He said while I was gone Baylee said, "Mommy like squirrels when they are alive!" She's right!

On our way out of Heber City we stopped at this place called Dairy Keen Mark's aunt said that they have really good shakes. I got a raspberry peach shake and it was sooooo good! Yum!