Sunday, November 18, 2012

We're still here!

Ahhh blogging. It's been awhile!
We've had a lot going on lately, and I just haven't gotten around to blogging about any of it. I just found a blog I started writing a few months ago that I never posted, about funny things the kids have said, so make sure to read that.

But first. . . . in case you haven't heard, we are expecting twins!

And just for the record, I may have said a few prayers asking for twins, but that was only because a) I didn't really think it would ever happen (but figured it never hurts to ask) and b) because Mark said we were only going to have 3 kids and he would not try for a fourth ever.
So, really it's because of Mark that we are having twins. I guess Heavenly Father (and I) knew we needed to have 4 kids.

We had a fun time guessing what the genders would be. I guessed one boy and one girl (I just wanted to keep the balance in our home). Mark and Owen guessed two boys, and Baylee guessed two girls! She even had names picked out for them. . . Glitter and Sparkles!

When I was 18 weeks we finally found out the genders. We had a party with our family to find out the news. 

 Surprise! Both cakes had blue filling! Mark and Owen were right!
The girls are officially outnumbered. 
Baylee was a little sad that she wasn't getting sisters. Mark told her we could buy a girl dog, so that made her happy.
The day after we found out I was saying something about having two more boys and she said, "Mom, why do you keep talking about that? I'm trying to forget!"
I'm sure she will love them when they get here. She is such a good big sister to Owen, and the (mostly) get along so well and really love each other! 

In other news. . . .

My brother and his wife had a baby girl. The kids love their new cousin Kylie! 

We bought a house!  
Here it is! Our first real house!
And we have A LOT of work to do!
We just closed on Thursday, got the keys on Friday night, and started ripping out carpet right away!

The kids think the house is great! They really love it, even though it's still a mess without carpet right now.
We are still living in the house we are renting for the next two weeks while we get everything cleaned up and painted and new carpet in our new house. 
We went to our new ward today. It was great, but Baylee has all boys in her class. Poor girl has all brothers and all boys at church! 
Hopefully there are some girls in the class younger than hers that will be her age in school and start Kindergarten with her next year. 

Here is the blog I wrote a few months ago.

I have a bunch of little notes floating around in my wallet, kitchen, and home with funny things the kids do/say on them. I'm finally remembering to blog about them. I was reading some of them to Mark and he didn't think that they were that funny, so maybe it's a you had to be there kind of thing, but I still thought that they were funny.

I'll start with the youngest first. I cannot believe how big Owen is getting and how much he can talk now! I love it, but at the same time it makes me really sad he's not my little baby any more!
For awhile Owen kept calling anything he wanted the "blue" kind. For example, "Owen, do you want pancakes or cereal for breakfast?" Owen's response, "The blue kind." It was for everything it didn't matter if there was a blue option or not he always wanted "the blue kind!" He doesn't say it as much now that he's a little older, but it always made me laugh there for awhile.

This isn't really a funny thing about Owen, but something I want to remember is he is the most polite little boy ever. Probably about 6 months ago we had a family home evening about saying please, and thank you. I was having the lesson mostly for Baylee, but Owen just picked up on it. Ever since then he always says please, thank you, and he even says no thanks! I think it is so adorable!

Last little funny thing that I have for Owen happened just a few days ago. Mark was saying the prayer at dinner, and Owen started saying it along with him. Only when Mark was saying things we are thankful for Owen started trailing off on his own little list of "golf, soccer, basketball." The kid still loves his sports! Although it is a lot more interested in cars, airplanes, and shoot guns than he was last year.

I love our little Baylee. She has always had a great sense of humor, and she is always trying to make us laugh. I told her the other day that I think one of the talents that Heavenly Father has given her is to make people laugh, and she was just beaming at the thought of that!

Here are a couple of funny things she said clear back from January when we went on our cruise.

We were walking back to the ship one day, and Baylee was sleeping so Mark was carrying her. Baylee half wakes up and says, "Daddy I was just thinking about eveything in your tummy. Like your lunch, and your stomach, and your lunch." We thought it was kind of random sleep talking!

On the cruise they would fold our towels into animals. On the first night when we got back to our room our towel was an elephant, so I showed it to Baylee thinking she'd be excited. She took it from me and said, "Mom, that's not an elephant. It's towels and we need to put it away!" It wasn't the reaction I had expected from her.
That story does remind me though, when we went to Sedona in June we stayed at  a super 8. I told Baylee she needed to get her stuff off of the bed, so they could make the beds and clean up the room. Then Baylee asked me if they were going to fold our towels into animals. I told her they don't do that at the super 8 :)

I know this is getting long, but here are a few more funny things the kids have said lately. 

Baylee and Owen were taking a bath and Baylee kept trying to wash Owen's hair, but the water kept dripping down into his eyes. I got one of Baylee's barbies so she could wash it's hair and leave Owen alone. When I gave Baylee the doll she said, "Is it water proof?"
Owen goes, "Ahhhh water poop!"
He's such a boy. 

I over heard Baylee saying to Owen, "I love you, it wouldn't be the same without you!"

Baylee was telling me how daddy is her best friend, but they are different sizes. She said, "Like if I was as big as a hand, and Owen was the size of a finger, then dad would be the size of a head."
She likes to measure things. I think she's pretty smart :) 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Happy Anniversary :)

Mark and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary today! 
Happy Anniversary to us!

I'm a lucky girl, look what Mark and the kids brought me at work yesterday!

Sedona Arizona

Berger Family Vacation!
We had a really fun trip a couple of weeks ago with the Berger side of the family! 

We spent one night in St. George!
Mark's parents treated Mark and me to tickets to Hairspray at 
(I only had a cell phone picture of that though, and I don't have time to put it on)

The kids swam in St. George.
Then we drove to Sedona Arizona,
and they swam some more!

 We got to see Carter and Jacob!
They live in Arizona, so we only see them a couple of times a year. 


 Owen, Baylee, and Beau found a perfect spot on the stairwell 
to eat their Otter pops!

We went to a place called out of Africa,
and went on a safari tour! 

 Owen and Mark fed the giraffe a carrot!
Then the giraffe licked Owen's face! 


Everyone was pooped after going to Out of Africa during the day,
but I made Mark and the kids come check out downtown Sedona with me! 
 We found some cool art!

 Fun statues! 

Beautiful fountains!   

 We loved this pig! 

 We got some yummy ice cream for a treat!

I thought the kids were adorable sleeping in the hotel bed together :) 

 It was lots of fun! 
Thanks Nana and Papa!