Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mark is allergic to everything! What am I supposed to make for dinner now?

So Mark is feeling much better now!  I guess his esophagus would swell because he's having allergic reactions to stuff.  He went to an allergist yesterday and had a skin test done on his back and these are the foods he is allergic too.  He is strongly allergic to fishmix (like salmon and halibut and tuna or something like that), oranges, and peas (he already knew about the peas).  He is mildly allergic to soy bean, lamb (we never eat lamb so that's ok), lettuce, milk, oat, onion, rye, tomato, tuna, wheat, almond, cashew, and walnut.  
So usually if your allergic to milk you drink soy milk right?  But he's also allergic to soy so I guess he's going to have to try rice milk!  I guess he might not have to stay off of those foods forever.  He just has to do it for 4 weeks and then reintroduce them into his diet, and if he has swelling in his throat then he has to not eat it. If he doesn't have a reaction then I guess it will be ok to eat.  
So now I have no idea what to make for dinner!  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mark Almost Died!

Ok so I'm finally updating this thing. . . I'm not very good at blogging!
But I have big news. Last week Mark almost died! I'm not joking he really almost died. That picture is him in the ER. Ok so here is the story. . .
Last Friday it must have been Feb 7th Baylee and I took Mark to the hospital so he could have and EGD and get his esophagus stretched out because he has had a hard time swallowing for a long time.
So he got the EGD and the Dr stretched out his throat and he said everything went well. The Dr said he took some biopsie and he thought Mark might be allergic to something that could make his throat swell.
We went home and Mark felt pretty good but he said that he throat kind of hurt so he didn't really feel like eating anything.
Then Saturday morning he woke up and said he felt like he needed to throw up and he thought that maybe he had the flu. I work on Saturdays. I asked him if he wanted me to stay home, but he said he'd be fine and probably get some help from his mom. I was really busy at work that day so I didn't get a chance to talk to him much but I did text him once to see if he was feeling better but he said he was still feeling lousey. When I got home from work around 6 he still wasn't feeling good. I took Baylee to Wal-mart to get Mark some juice and I was starting to get a cold so I got some cough drops for me!
When I got home Mark said that he had thrown up and there was some blood in it, but he said he thought that was normal because he had biopsies. So I said maybe he would start feeling better because he had gotten that out of him.
I put Baylee to bed and started doing the dishes. I was doing the 14 days of Valentines for Mark and I remembered that I hadn't given him his Valentine yet. So I took it up to him (Uno cards that said "Roses are red, violets are blue. . . I hope U no how much I love you!). He said that he had thrown up again and there was more blood in it. So I said we should probably call the Dr to make sure that is normal. So Mark called and when the Dr called him back he said don't mess around get to the ER. That kind of shocked us both!
I called Marks mom and she lives close so she hurried over so we didn't have to bring Baylee with us. I was speeding on the way to the ER and I even ran some red lights!
When we got to the ER they said that his hear rate was really high so they had him lay down. After we had been there awhile the nurse came back in and had him sit up and stand up to see how much his hear rate would go up. When he was laying down it was below 100 when he sat up it went to about 130 then when he stood up it was at like 150 and he had to sit down because he was about to pass out! They did some blood tests and it took about an hour for the results to get back and they showed that he had lost about 1/3rd of his blood! We couldn't believe how much he had lost. It was so weird!
They gave Mark a blood transfusion and a bunch of fluids and they admited him so we had to stay over night. Sunday morning they did another EGD to see where the bleeding was coming from. By that time they said that there wasn't an active bleed but it had probably come from the biopsies and a small tear in Marks esophagus that probably happened when the Dr stretched it.
When Baylee came to visit I was holding her and standing by where Mark IV fluids were hanging and she hurried and hit the IV bags and said Weeee! She thought that was pretty funny! When Mark parents were leaving the hospital with Baylee she started to cry then we could hear her from the hall in a sad/angry voice yell BYE BYE!
Mark was doing better and feeling better so we got out of the hospital around 4 p.m. on Sunday! He stayed home from work and school on Monday and Tuesday. When he went back to work he said everyone thought he looked pale and his boss asked him if he needed to go home early!
He's been feeling better the last few days. I don't think he's as tired but he says he still feels pretty light headed. So hopefully that will go away eventually!
Oh yeah and we've been eating lots of red meat cause I figure he needs iron! But I think he made me gain 3 lbs this week that and all of my stress I guess!
Ok well just wanted to let ya'll know what happened! I was a pretty crazy week!