Friday, April 17, 2009

Baylee and her glasses!

This is a funny story. . . ok so today Baylee and I were playing outside on the back patio and we have a playground across the street so we walked over to the playground and we were almost there and Baylee turns around and goes glasses. . . glasses. . . eyes! So we had to walk back to our house and go get her glasses! She is so smart!

I'm 24!

Saturday was my bithday! I'm 24 now! Baylee was being sneaky and ate my birthday cake! It was so funny!

We went to the counter at the gateway for dinner! Oprah says it's the best burger in America and I believe Oprah! It was really good but Marks better at ordering than I am his was really good and mine was just good!

Happy Easter! We had a really fun easter Baylee was pretty good at hunting eggs! We went to the Easter egg hunt in Uintah on Saturday morning. Then Grandma Carolyn had an Easter Egg hunt for Baylee and she got a trike! On Sunday we had stake conference and Baylee spent most of her time outside cause she was being loud!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jazz Game

Mark and I went to a Jazz game last week! It was fun, but they lost!

Silly Girl!

Here are just a few pictures of Baylee being her silly little self!

Licking the bubbles!

The other day Baylee was eating breakfast and she was holding some of her shirts and she would not let go of them! So she ate her whole breakfast one handed!

She crawled into the kitchen drawer! It was so cute!