Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Biggest Loser Finale

Ewwww! I'm so angry that Helen won the biggest loser on Tuesday night! She is so selfish! She should have gone home and let her daughter stay when they went under the yellow line. What kind of mother would do that? It's probably because of Helen that Shannon is overweight in the first place! Helen started the show weighing 257 and now weighs 117. Shannon started the show weighing 283 and now weighs 191. The worst part is Helen had already lost a lot of weight on the ranch, and was looking really skinny, when she sent her daughter home! Who does that?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My poor hand!

Sometimes my good ideas turn into bad ones. . . yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to make dinner for marks brother Marshall and invite some of their friends over. Marshall was visiting from arizona, but it he ended up being sick and having his appendix removed! So while that was going on I decided I'd make dinner anyways. I was making lettuce wraps and I had to fry theses bean threads. Mark took Baylee outside cause I was cooking with hot oil.

I guess I had the oil too hot cause the second I put the bean threads in they turned black and started smoking! I hurried and opened the windows and turned the fan on but my whole kitchen was filling up with smoke and I couldn't breath. I grabbed the pot (with hot pads) and I turned on the sink and while I was doing this I thought this is not a good idea, but i was trying to stop the smoke. Anyways when I stuck the pot in the water it made the oil spill over and it got all over my left wrist. I stuck the pot on the counter but it was still smoking so I graped the fire extinguisher and sprayed it.

Then I decided I should go get mark, so I ran outside and yelled, "Honey, I'm burning down our kitchen!" By this time my hand had started to hurt, so once Mark went inside and made sure there wasn't a fire he took me to instacare and I got it all wrapped up. (While I was at instacare the lady checking me in said, "was your husband here earlier?" cause she'd seen Marshall and they are twins.)

I soaked my hand in ice water at the hospital and that felt good. But after the Doctor wrapped it up it hurt so bad! But he gave me pain meds so once I took those it was much better!

I went back to the doctor tonight and he rewrapped my hand. I have a second degree burn. My wrist had a big blister! It was so sick! I just have to keep my hand wrapped until it gets better! I'm hoping it will be better by next week!

Mark stayed home from work today to help me cause I can't really take care of baylee one handed! At least I'll get a little break from diapers! We got our kitchen all cleaned up but my counter has a burned spot because I stuck the hot pot on it!