Monday, May 7, 2012

Florida Trip

Mark and I went on a trip to Florida to celebrate his 30th Birthday!
He turned 30 in January, but we wanted to go on a trip when it would be nice and warm!
I'm so glad we went when we did. The weather was PERFECT! 

It wouldn't have been a birthday celebration without Mark's twin brother Marshall and his wife Brittney!
Also, it was even more fun because Marks youngest brother Andrew and his wife Gwen were able to come too! 
Mark, Andrew, and Marshall 
building the best sandcastle on the beach!  

 Andrew was so sweet and bought his brothers a birthday cake!

 Gwen, Marshall, Brittney, Me, Mark
We spent LOTS of time relaxing on the beach! 

We went to the pool and the hot tub!

We went parasailing! 

It was lots of fun!

I was worried it would be scary to be that high up, 
but it wasn't scary at all!

Even the take off and landing were super smooth.

Look how high up we were!

They dipped us in the water!

We ate at a restaurant that had alligators. 

It was so nice to get a break from parenting and be together! 

I love this sexy guy! 

It's always so fun to see these girls! 
Gwen lives in Boston, and Brittney lives in Arizona, 
so we don't get to see each other very often.

Mark and his brothers :)

We had so much fun together.
Thanks so much to my mom and dad for watching our kids!
They had so much fun with you guys!

We stopped at a candy store before we came home,
so we got the kids some twisty suckers!

Here is a video Mark took of us while parasailing!

Fish Pond Preschool Trip!

We went on a field trip with Baylee's preschool class to the fish farm in North Ogden!

Owen and Baylee loved feeding the fish!

After we fed the fish for awhile we finally got brave and got a fishing poll so we could catch one!

We caught two fish, but I only took a picture of this one!
It flipped off the hook, so I didn't have to take it off by myself.
The second one was stuck on the hook.
Luckily I found someone to take it off the hook for me! 
The second the fish got one the line Baylee dropped her poll and went running!
I wish I had gotten video of it, it was pretty hilarious!

They had a gumball machine and candy machines at the fish farm.
I thought that was kind of gross, but
I made the kids wash their hands really well before I'd buy them any!

April 11

I turned 27 this year. 
My birthday was lots of fun! 
 Mark and the kids took me to Chili's and got me a yummy cake!

I love Owen in this picture :)

My Birthday was very rainy! 

The weekend after my birthday we went with our friends Phil and Melissa, and my sister and her husband Steph and Matt to the City Creek Center!
We ate at the Cheese Cake factory! I'm seriously thinking about getting job there, then I can try everything on the menu. So yummy! 

I thought I'd just add these pictures at the end of this post.
It doesn't have anything to do with my Birthday, but Baylee made this cool chalk drawing on our back patio.

My mom sings this song to Baylee:
In a cabin in the woods
Little man by the window stood
Saw a rabbit hopping by
Knocking at his door
"Help me, help me, help",he cried
Or the hunter will shoot me dead
Little rabbit come inside
Safely to abide

Baylee said the picture is of the hunter and the bunny! 

Pretty smart little girl :)