Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I especially love Valentine's Day now that I get to spend everyone with 
this guy!
Add those two kids, and it's even better!
This was our romantic Valentine's dinner at McDonald's. 

The kids love Valentine's, but who doesn't like a holiday about love?
We had a party at the church with some friends this year! 
We played games! 

Finding hearts on the walls :) 

Then we decorated sugar cookies!  

Everyone having fun :)

My little cookie decorators! 

Serious business :) 

They handed out Valentin's in Baylee's preschool class.
Completely last minute I snapped a few picture of her holding out her hand like this and stuck a sticker in the picture. They turned out really cute and fun. They were easy to make too! 

Owen saw me taking Baylee's picture, so he wanted his picture taken too! 

 I made the kids Valentine's pancakes for breakfast! 
They were really flat, and it wasn't till I had made at least half of them that I realized I left the baking powder out. 
Oh well! 

I used an empty ketchup bottle full of pancake batter to write my words.
It worked pretty well.   

Baylee and her breakfast! 
(The mark on her forehead is a burn. Mark made the kids chicken nuggets while I was at work one day. I guess she somehow touched her forehead against the edge of the cookie sheet after he set it on top of the stove.)

 After Owen's nap the kids and I drove down to surprise Mark at his work with balloons and candy. 
He was thrilled ;)
We went right before he got off of work, so we could go to dinner after. 
We decided McDonald's would be the best choice. Since all other restaurants would probably be busy, and we didn't want to bother anyone with our rowdy children.  

This is what I got for Valentine's! I LOVE it! 
It may sound cheesy, but I really love having a picture of the temple in our home.
It really brings such a beautiful feeling to the room, even with all of the chaos that goes on. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

90th Birthday!

Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa! 
My Grandpa turned 90 on February 4th! 

We went to Idaho to visit him for his birthday! 
He always has candy ready for his great-grandkids! 

He's such a good great-grandpa! 
My kids love him! 

We had a party to celebrate! 
Here he is with all of the great-grand kids that would pose for a picture! 

Me, Hillary, Stephanie, Kristal! 
My fun cousins and my sister! 

Grandpa with his grand kids and great-grand kids!

Grandpa Mitchell and his grand kids!
Front Row: Ross, Ben, Brian, Grandpa, Hillary, Jen
Back Row: Jordan, Lance, Kyle, Natalie, Michelle, Kristal, Lindy, Stephanie
There were only two grand kids that couldn't make it. 
One lives in Germany and the other lives in China!

Here are all of the grand kids and grand kids in-laws. 

My Brother Brian keeping the kids entertained!

Baylee made friends with her second cousins really fast! 

Brian, Karla, Steph

Jordan and Amanda





My Grandpa with his kids! 
Reese, Diane, Grandpa, Marilyn, Carolyn 
(my mom and her sisters didn't even plan to wear the same sweater!)

So many pictures!
What a great guy! I love my grandpa!