Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not meant to be. . .

So, I was feeling kind of bad about not being able to see True Grit last Monday. Since Mark really really wanted to see it. I was going to go on a girls overnighter this weekend but that ended up not working out, but I already had the day off from work so I figured Mark and I could go see True Grit today. I arranged for a girl in our ward to come babysit. I double checked the movie time. It started at 4:30 at The Megaplex 13. When we got to the theater we went to buy tickets and we found out that it had been reserved for a private showing. SO WE COULDN'T GO SEE IT! Ah I was so bugged! Since we already spent money on a movie last Monday that we didn't really want/intend to see in theaters (even though I Am Number Four turned out to be an awesome movie) we decided not to waste our money on another movie that we didn't really care about seeing. Besides there is virtually nothing good in theaters right now.
Anyways, we found out we couldn't go to the movie so I hurried and looked on my phone and Ture Grit was at Tinseltown also at 4:30 it was like 4:15 so we went and got in our car and hurried over to the mall. But I guess it was the Tinseltown in Layton that had a 4:30 of True Grit not Ogden.
Since we already had a baby sitter we had a couple of hours to kill so we wandered around the mall. Then we went to Costco and got $1.50 hot dogs. Then we wandered around Costco for awhile. It turned out to be pretty fun. I like spending time with Mark even when he's sad cause he didn't get to see his movie.
I guess we'll just have to wait for True Grit to come out on DVD so we can rent it some time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Owen is 9 months old!

I took Owen in for his 9 month well child check today! He's doing really well!
Here's my handsome boy! Oops missing a shoe in this one :)

Love this cute face!
Owen is now:
21 lbs 3 oz surprisingly he's only in the 57th percentile for weight.
I would have guess he was much bigger :)
29 1/2 inches his hight is in the 79th percentile, so he's pretty tall!
His head circumference is 46 cm. That's the 67th percentile.

(Can you tell which child I dress and which child picks out her own clothes? Yesterday she wanted to wear all white and today was all pink.)
This morning I was getting ready to take Owen to the doctor so I put him in the pack and play in Baylee's room. Baylee came out in the hall and said, "Mom come quickly!" So I went in there and Baylee had climbed back in the pack and play to give Owen a "little haircut." He seemed to like it :)
(Those are plastic scissors they don't really cut anything!)

Owen has always been such a happy little boy! We just love him so much!
Mark's pretty proud because he has started saying dada! Of course we all know it's because dada is easier to say than mama ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

True Grit Mix Up!

Mark has been wanting to see True Grit ever since it came to theaters. We haven't had very many chances to go on dates lately but we finally got our chance today! My parents watched our kids for us and we were going to see True Grit at 2 p.m.

Only problem was there wasn't a 2 p.m. showing of True Grit. Oops! Not sure how I got that mixed up. So we saw I am Number Four instead. It's a movie similar to the twilight genera. Boy loves girl, boy is secretly an alien from outer space. It really was a cute show but the best part was this. . .

No, not Alex Pettyfer. I mean sure he's good looking and all but the best part is his hair! Do you see? He has highlights!

Yea! This must mean highlights for boys are trendy again!
I was at work just a few weeks ago thinking how it's too bad that highlights for boys aren't really in style right now. (Curse you Justin Bieber for your natural unhighlighted hair!)
The whole time I was watching this movie I couldn't stop looking at his hair! I had a big smile on my face! Ha ha! It's just that doing highlights for guys is quick, easy and it makes me more money!

Come on guys it's almost summer! Time for some highlights! (Just head to the salon though. Don't attempt them at home!)
Thank you Alex!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Will you be my Valentine?

Here is how we celebrated valentine's day this year!
(pictures are slightly out of order)

I requested new running shoes for my valentine's present this year!
Thanks Mark!

Nothing better than a little Valentine dessert!

I made the kids heart shaped pink pancakes for breakfast!
Owen loved it!

Happy Valentine's to my two sweet kidos!

I never know what to give Mark for Valentine's day. This year I did my grocery shopping at Costco on Valentine's day so Mark got a huge thing of Red Vines and Oreo's. Nothing says love like cookies and licorice. Baylee was also pretty excited about Mark's treats!

Baylee got a few chocolates and a book called "How to be a Princess."

Owen got a puppy!

Baylee has already tried to claim Owen's puppy as her own. The other day I heard her asking him if she could have it. She told me Owen told her she could have his puppy. I told her he's not old enough to giver her his toys! :)