Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Time!

I can't believe another Christmas has come and gone! I love Christmas time it's so much fun! Especially with little kids! Here is a little recap of our Christmas! (ok I guess I shouldn't say little cause I just posted a millions pictures!)

We made some sugar cookies for Santa Clause and some for our neighbors. I thought thesse little snowmen turned out really cute!

The day before Christmas eve we went to see Tangled with my mom, dad, and brother! It was really cute! Baylee loved it!

After we saw Tangled we went to walk around the lights in downtown Ogden. See my car? It's the Tribute. . . Mark was at Smiths earlier that day and a 16-year-old kid ran into the bumper in the parking lot! You can't see the dent in the picture but it is right by where Mark is standing :(

Seeing the lights was fun! On Christmas eve we went to Marks parents house but I guess we didn't take any pictures!

Ok Here is Christmas Morning!

Baylee got this fun little Strawberry shortcake RC car! She's been having a blast driving it around our house!

Here is Owen chewing on a toothbrush that was in his stocking!

Santa brought Mark a new duffel bag!

I got a new scale! I love this scale it is so nice! Now I can lose all of the holiday weight I gained this year! Ha ha!

Here are my three favorite people in the whole world! I love these guys! I love Christmas!

Here is Baylee opening her last present from Santa. She was so funny this year when she was trying to decide what to ask for. At first she'd look through the ads and she just wanted everything. Then she started saying she wanted NOTHING for Christmas, "I just want nothing" she'd say! Then she started saying that Santa was going to bring new princesses. So I'm pretty sure Santa already had his other toys for her, but he pulled through at the last minute with some new princesses!

There they are! Well not quite all of them are in the picture, there are seven princesses! The one in the purple dress between Jasmine and Cinderella is Rapunzel from Tangled!

Here is Baylee with all of her Presents from Santa! In her stocking she also got Toy Story 3, lots of treats, a Zoobles, and her own mini copy of the Book of Mormon! Baylee starts Sunbeams next week so she can take her own scriptures to primary with her now! (I'm going to make a little scripture bag for her this week!)

Here is Owen with his presents from Santa! In Owens stocking he got a fun little ball toy/rattle thing, little baby food puffs, and a set of bright baby touch and feel books!

After we opened our presents we went over to my mom's house. We set up Owen's new speedway! He has been able to almost sit up for awhile now but he'd topple over after a few seconds. This toy must have inspired him though cause he's been sitting all by himself ever since!

I love those pictures of Mark and Owen playing together!

My parents gave my sister a sewing machine and they gave me a serger! I'm so excited to figure out how to use it! I still haven't taken it out of the box yet! My sister, brother, and I also got new cell phones from our parents! Thanks mom and dad you guys are the best!

Mark got a new utah Utes Jersey!
I thought that I uploaded pictures of the kids with their presents from my parents, but I guess I didn't. Baylee got a really fun princess kitchen! She's been cooking ever since. Owen got a fun little baby play table. He's really like it too! Thanks again!

After we left my parents house we went over to Marks mom and dads house. They gave Owen a really cute cement truck and Baylee got a fun Tinkerbell play set! Again we forgot to take pictures at Mark's parents house :(

Here is a video of Baylee opening a present, but I thought Owen was especially cute in it!

On Sunday night we had a Christmas program at Mark's parents house. We always have a talent show so Mark and I sang the Moldy Peaches song anyone else but you! A couple of weeks ago we were watching part of a Black Eyed Peas concert on Netflix. The guy had the whole crown waving their hand and whatever and repeating everything he said. Mark was like, "Wouldn't that be cool to be that guy!" Um, I don't think so . . . I'd just rather be someone in the back of the crowd. . . As you can tell I'm just not a performer, but Mark loves it! Ha ha! (You really don't have to watch this video. . . it's long and not that entertaining)

Here is Baylee driving her Strawberry shortcake car around.

While I'm at it I guess I'll just add another video. . . this is the Berger Christmas party!

Last one. . . I just think Owen is so cute playing with this toy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sweet Clock!

Mark always gets mad at me for wasting time reading blogs. . . but it really wasting time when you can save so much money! I want a new clock. . . check this out!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Dentist Then Santa!

Baylee had her first Dental visit last week! Then right after that we went to see Santa Clause and his reindeer at the WSU bookstore!

Here she is waiting in the waiting room at the dentist's office! She really did not want to go! She thought she was going to get a shot!

Baylee and Owen sitting on Santa's lap!

Like I mentioned earlier Baylee really did not want to go to the dentist. Once we got there it wasn't so bad though. They have her sunglasses to wear so the light wouldn't bug her eyes.

They let her sit on a big stuffed puppy! The hygienist was really really sweet with her! The dentist was also really nice! We went to the dentist Mark has gone too for a long time. His name is Mark A. Nichols.

She didn't have any cavities! She loved her little bag with a new toothbrush and toothpaste! She also got a new flashlight from the treat drawer.
I also did not have any cavities! Yeah!

They had this cute Dr. Seuss thing outside of the bookstore!

Here's the Grinch! :)

The Cat in the Hat!

Here is HO HO HO Horton!

Another pic of the kids with Santa! I didn't hear Baylee tell him anything she wanted, but when he asked what Owen wanted she said, "Baby toys!"

Upstairs at the bookstore they had an ornament craft.

We stopped on our way out to get a better look at Santa's reindeer!

I'm so excited for Christmas! Only 11 more days! Woohoo!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mark goes out of town. . .

Mark went on a business trip to sunny Arizona last weekend! He went with Morph2o water management (aka his dad) for a water conservation conference in Phoenix.

While Mark was enjoying 70 degree temps in AZ we were enjoying plenty of this white stuff!

This was terrible packing snow but Baylee still was determined to build a snowman. I shoveled off the back patio and made a little snow pile.

She added some buttons. . .

And a hat. . . and there it is her own little snowman! She cried a few days later when she looked outside and saw that this guy had melted! She kept saying, "I don't know how to make it snow!" Life is rough.

Here Baylee and Owen are warming up from the cold. Doesn't Owen have the cutest face ever?

Baylee has started to write the letter A. It is her favorite letter to write. She can also do I and O. I've tried to get her to do B, ya know, for Baylee but she won't even try it. The other day we were looking at a book and she was kind of looking at it upside down. There was a picture of an Owl and she goes look mom it's IMO get it owl upside down kind of looks like IMO!

Right before Mark came home (like he was probably on the airplane flying back to utah) I was cleaning out my closet and Baylee asked to color her hair. I figured I needed to do something naughty while Mark was gone. Last time he left me (he went to Alaska with his dad and brothers) I painted the wall in our kitchen. Since I didn't have any walls that needed painting I figured this was a good alternative. I didn't really take an after picture but it's pretty subtle, so don't worry!

We made welcome home sign for Mark!

Mark brought home some treats! We're glad to have him back. While he was in Arizona they also got to visit his twin brother Marshall and his family. It was our nephew Carter's third brithday!

Here is a video of Carter blowing out his candles! Pretty stinking cute!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Picking the Perfect Tree!

My favorite thing about real Christmas trees is how good they smell! I love every time I walk downstairs and get a whiff of that fresh pine sent! ahhh!
When I was young, say younger than like 10 we always had a real Christmas tree! I loved it, but I remember when we would go to pick out our tree it took FOREVER! My siblings can attest to that. My mom cannot make decisions (love you mom)! She likes everything to be perfect! Try picking out produce with her she'll look at like ten apples before choosing one! I always wanted a "green tree" but my mom usually bought a flocked tree! So my memories of picking out our Christmas tree are driving around to like 10 different tree farms looking at trees then leaving without one and going to the next place! I'm sure all of that was worth it though cause we'd eventually find the perfect flocked tree!
One year we finally bought the perfect artificial green tree and my parents just barely replaced it this year with a beautiful artificial flocked tree!

Mark and I took our kids Christmas tree shopping the other night. It was a completely different experience than when I was younger. For us the perfect tree is one small enough to fit in our living room and cheap enough to fit our budget! It took us about 15 minutes.
We actually have our own fake tree but it's way too big for our living room! I bought it at an after Christmas clearance sale when Mark and I were dating. We used it when we were in our apartment and the first two Christmases that we've been in our house. Mark hates how crammed it makes our living room, so last year he suggested getting a small real tree and I was so excited!

Here it is. . . or at least I think that's the one we ended up with. Hard to say they all kind of looked alike.

When we got home Baylee realized there was snow outside (I've been trying to hide it from her so I can stay inside where it's warm). She loved it! She went absolutely nuts running around making as many snow angels as she possible could.

She was having a blast! But I was freezing!

I finally convinced her to come inside and help decorate our tree! She thought the angel would look nice on top of daddy head :)

Owen knows how to stay warm!

Before going to bed Baylee warmed up with some hot chocolate!
I am so excited for Christmas this year!