Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weber State vs. Utah State

We went to the Weber State Men's Basketball game on Friday! They lost to Utah State :( But it was still a fun game!

Mark has taught Baylee to love WSU! She will often say Weber State great great great! Or Go Wildcats!

Baylee's Alphabet

This is proof that Baylee watches way too much Sesame Street! She almost has the alphabet down. . . minus a few letters :) p.s. don't mind my messy living room Baylee likes to take out the contents of my primary bag and spread them around!
One of her favorite things to watch is Sesame Street all-star alphabet. She almost has it memorized.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

We had lots of fun this Halloween season! First we carved pumpkins with the Zaugg Family!

Here are all of our pumpkins! Except Mark's cause he was still working on his.
This is Marks awesome pumpkin!
Baylee and I made sugar cookies one day. . . Baylee loves messy stuff so she though it was fun!
Baylee helped decorate them too! (If i visit teach you don't worry I made those cookies while she was napping!)

This was the spook alley at our ward Halloween party! Baylee thought it was cool . . . we went in it like three times!
Baylee was tinkerbell and I was a pirate! I tried to talk Mark into being Peter Pan but he said he couldn't find any green tights!
This was everyone dressed up at work! It was fun to work on Halloween and we got to close early so that was even better!

We went trick or treating at Nana and Papa's house!
Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's and Baylee loved opening the door for the trick or treaters!
Happy Halloween!