Friday, February 19, 2010

I am Cinderella!

Baylee has a Cinderella dress!
My aunt is the Director of Operations for Little Adventures! It's a company based in Lehi and they make dress ups for kids! She sent Baylee a Cinderella dress and a cute little tutu! We got them in the mail on Wednesday night so of course Baylee had to try them on right away!
Thanks again Aunt Kathy!

She just happened to have been wearing her princess shirt when they came!

Baylee made up this game where she asks us if we are people that we are not. . . like she'll say to me, "Are you Steph? (steph is my sister) Are you Matt? (Matt is my sisters husband) Are you grandma?" and she'll go on like that for awhile. One night when she was doing this I said, "Who are you?" She responded, "I am Cinderella!" And now she really is! She wanted to wear her dress today when we met Mark on his lunch break! She got lots of compliments! lol!

She had to try the tutu and the dress on at the same time! She always wants both!

Yesterday I went to get some clothes for our little boy at the Old Navy Baby sale. I got Baylee these new capri/shorts for summer. When I was showing Mark the things I had bought for Baylee's brother she put these on over her pajama's! I just thought it was funny!
This girl knows how to dress!
These are her new sunglasses! Today when we were going to meet Mark for lunch she was wearing them in the car and she said, "I have new glasses. Daddy has glasses and I have glasses. Daddy has glasses we wear them all day long!"

Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy Valentines Day!

Because Valentine's was on a Sunday this year and we have one o'clock church we had a Valentine's breakfast to celebrate! It was really yummy! We had heart shaped chocolate pancakes with strawberries and whip cream, hashbrowns, eggs, and fruit!

This is my beautiful pink and red table!
Baylee got the Tinkerbell DVD from mommy and daddy! (I think we've already watched it three times!)
I got Mark a frame for his diploma for his masters degree! (Romantic huh?)
Mark got me a flower (Baylee picked all of the petals off of it tonight and "stirred" them with the stem.) Then he gave me a bunch of treats because I'm prego and hungry!
After Church we went to my parent's house for Sunday dinner. They gave Baylee this peekaboo doll! Baylee calls her the hiding baby! I think Baylee has a new favorite baby! lol!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Better late than never. . .

Mark turned 28 on January 26th, so it's been a little more than two weeks! I'm a little behind in my blogging! He worked all day then he had to pick his dad up at the airport so when he got home we just opened presents and had cake!

Baylee helped me make the cake!

Mark got season 5 of the office and Jazz tickets! So we went to the Jazz vs Sacramento Kings game on Jan 29 and it was fun! We got to sit in lower bowl so that was pretty cool! I'd never done that before!
Happy Birthday honey! I love you!