Monday, August 29, 2011

New job and half marathon!

Mark started a new job last week! He still works for the state, but now he's an environmental consultant/ rules coordinator. Not sure what he does, but it pays more :)
We're really excited for him and feel very blessed that he was able to get this job!

I ran my first half marathon on Saturday! It was lots of fun and I for sure want to do another one someday!

My friend Stephanie and I went to Logan on Friday night and stayed with these fun people!

Marks cousin Whitney, uncle Rex, and aunt Dessa! They were so sweet they took us to dinner on Friday night!

Then we had to get up at 5 a.m. to make it on time for the bus!
The race started at 7.
I ran as fast as I could knowing the faster I ran the sooner I'd see these cute faces waiting for me at the finish line!



I'm the one in the white shirt (if you couldn't tell)!

Baylee and Mark made this cute sign for me!

Owen thought I was gross and sweaty!

Me, Owen, Baylee, my mom!

Love these guys!

Stephanie and me after we finished!

Thanks so much to my Mom and Mark for getting the kids up and ready really early in the morning to come see me! It really was such a motivator to think that if I just kept going I'd see all of them!
My goal was to finish in under 2 hours. The first 7 miles were downhill and there was a wind so that made it pretty easy for me! I finished in 1 hour and 53 minutes! Woohoo! Quite a bit faster than I thought! I came in 30th in my age category. Out of just women I was 175th and 438th overall. Not to bad for a race with 2400 people!
It really is so amazing to me what our bodies are capable of! I've wanted to run a half marathon for a few years, but never really thought I could do it! It's crazy to think that just a few months ago running 3 miles was hard, and now I can do 13!

After the half marathon my parents watched Baylee and Owen so Mark and I could go out. We went to celebrate his new job and my first half marathon! It was lots of fun. We ate at Boston's and we finally saw Harry Potter!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Owen and Baylee!

Well, Owen is now a 15-month-old and Baylee is less than a month away from being a 4-year-old! I can't believe it! Am I really old enough to have a kid who is 4? I guess so.

Well I took Owen in for his 15 month doctor's appointment today.
Here are the results:
Weight: 23 lbs 11 oz (38th percentile)
Hight: 31 1/4" (53rd percentile)
Head: 47 cm (43rd percentile)
So, he's pretty much a well proportioned, average size kido!

Owen is such a sweet little boy with a very sweet temperament! Although, he does really love mommy and daddy lately, and he will throw a fit if one of us walks out of his sight! It is always changing who he wants more! Sometimes he really wants me, and sometime he just wants to be with daddy! One week after sacrament meeting I took Owen from Mark and started taking him with me. Owen cried and cried until Mark came and got him from me! He was crying and screaming like some stranger was taking him away, but the minute he got his dad back he was fine!

Owen really loves toothbrushes. He has two of them and he uses them both. He will also use any other toothbrush he can get his hands on if it belongs to him or not.
Owen can say a few words "dada" is his favorite. He will also say "mama" (usually when he wants something). "Cheese" and "teeth" are the other words he says pretty often. I've noticed he's started calling his binkie "teeth." We've also heard him say "drink" a few times and Mark swears he taught him how to say "hike" tonight (as in hike a football).

Anytime Owen notices the door to the pantry has been left open he goes walking in and carries out any canned food he can find. You can tell he's just so proud of himself when he finds something on the shelf! It's pretty adorable. One day he brought Baylee a can a tuna fish, so she insisted on eating it because Owen wanted her to!

Owen is really lucky to have such a good big sister who loves him so much! Tonight when I was making dinner they were running around and giggling and Baylee said they were playing tag. I'm pretty sure Owen didn't know what was going on he just thought it was fun to chase his sister.
Baylee has given Owen two nicknames that mostly only she calls him. I always think it's so funny to hear her say them though. She started calling him "babes" a month or two ago. Then more recently I've heard her call him "O." I just have to laugh every time I hear her say, "Come on babes" or "here ya go O!"

Speaking of funny things Baylee has said/done I have a few things she has said lately that I want to remember.

We were waiting for our home teacher to come over last month and Baylee announced that she was going to go upstairs to take a bath. To distract her and get her to stay downstairs I told her she should draw a picture for our home teacher. So I got her a paper and some crayons and she drew a little picture. Our home teacher came over and was talking to us. Baylee kept drawing while he was there. She finished her little picture and she said it was a temple. When our home teacher was about to leave I asked Baylee if she wanted to give it to him. She whispers to me, "Write 'please come here again' on it." Awe! I thought it was the sweetest thing! So I wrote it for her and she gave it to him. Then when he left she went to our front window (he couldn't hear her) and said, "And please hold on tight!" She didn't want him to accidentally drop her picture!

We were walking back into sacrament meeting after I had taken Baylee to the bathroom. There was a little baby girl walking around in the foyer. We were walking by her and Baylee put her hand on the little girl's shoulder and says, "Mom, I want a baby like this!" I guess we better have a girl next time :)

Baylee's prayers sure have gotten a lot more thoughtful lately. She used to say the same prayer every time. She has never wanted help praying either. She just wants to do it herself. She has started saying some pretty good little prayers, but sometimes Mark and I just have to look at each other and smile at the things she says. One night she said, "I'm thankful we're a family, and especially my baby is my favorite!" I've heard her say more than one time, "I'm thankful for me and myself!" Also, the other night Mark had a sunburn that was kind of peeling on his arm. Baylee was saying the family prayer and she said, "Please, bless daddy's peeling skin to feel better!"
My dad was in a biking accident last week. He was ok, but my mom had taken him to the ER because he had a concussion. After I had talked to my mom on the phone and found out what had happened. I went and told Mark and Baylee, so I said to Baylee that we would need to remember to pray for grandpa in our family prayer that night. I then went back upstairs. Mark told me later, that as he was leaving the room, he heard Baylee saying her own little prayer for grandpa! So sweet!

Just the other night Baylee had made a mess so I told her she needed to clean it up. She said she didn't want to because it was "hard work." I told her if she was going to live in our house she needed to learn to do "hard work." Her response was, "I want a new house!"

Here are a few of her more random comments:

One day at lunch we heard an airplane flying outside. Baylee says, "I think the sun burped." I said, "The sun burped?" She responds, "Yeah, I heard it go burrr. It's a sun burp!"

Baylee, "Mom, I like slurpees and doughnuts. I like those things more than food!"

Baylee: "There are lots of sleepy bugs in my eyes."
Me: "There are?"
Baylee: "Yeah, they're dead ones."

I'm so thankful for the opportunity I have to be a mommy to these two great kids! I really am so lucky I get to stay home with them and watch them as they learn and grow! It's so much fun (most of the time)! There really is nothing else I'd rather do than be with them! I love them so much!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Berger Reunion 2011

I thought this blog post could use a few more pictures so I just added some that I found on my phone! When you scroll down and see all of the pictures I think you'll agree with me ;)
So, the first 3 are kind of out of order. . .
We went to Park City with Mark's family.

Here we are on the gondola!

There is a 7-eleven pretty close to the condo that we stay in. We walked down there one night and got slurpee's.

Owen LOVED his slurpee! I thought we could get one that he and I could share. I tried to hold it for him, but he took it from me. Then, while he was holding it, I got my straw and took a sip. He started screaming, took my straw from me, and threw it on the ground!
I guess we don't share slurpee's with this kid!

OK here is my original post. . .

We had a reunion with Mark's family in Park City last week! It was lots of fun! We went shopping, swimming, took a ride on the gondola, but mostly we just hung out and had fun with family!

We got to see Gwen and Andrew! They live in Boston, so we only get to see them a couple of times a year! Aren't they cute?

Owen and baby Jacob got to hang out a little!
Jacob lives in Arizona, so we don't see him very often either!

Mark and Marshall getting ready to go fishing!

This was Baylee's first time fishing and I think she had lots of fun!
But, I think she had fun running around in the mud and not actually fishing :)

All the boys took their kids fishing.
There's Carter, Marshall, Micah, Beau, Baylee and Mark
Papa, Andrew, and Philip went too, but I don't have a picture of them.

At the annual Berger talent show (which, I think, has actually become semi-annual because we just had one at Christmas time) I blew bubbles.

The kids loved it! Look at how excited Carter is in this picture!
So cute!

I'm so accomplished :)

Owen and Baylee blew milk bubbles for their talent!

Me reading a bedtime story to Baylee, Carter, and Beau!

We spent lots of time swimming.
Baylee loves the hot tub! She didn't want to get out of it!

Mark threw Baylee to me in the pool. She did it a couple of times, but then she was done.
Carter and Beau however thought it was so fun! They wanted to do it over and over again!

Here is Mark throwing Carter to me!

I caught him!
Does this make me the funnest aunt ever?
I think so.

Baylee in her floatie!

Mommy and Owen!

Mark and Andrew relaxing by the pool!

Baylee, Mommy, and Owen!

Baylee and Carter!

Mark and I took Baylee to main street.
Owen was napping so we left him at the condo with Nana.

We went and got caramel apples at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory!

Mark and Andrew and the employee stirring the caramel!

Baylee got an ice cream cone instead of an apple!
I had a taste of her ice cream and it was SOOO good!

Mark, Baylee, Papa, Gwen, and Andrew.
This was right after Baylee's ice cream fell into Mark's hand!

Mommy and Baylee on the pink bench!

We stopped by the family history center for the Church.
There's a big tree in there.

Andrew and Gwen.

Aunt Brittney reading a bedtime story to Baylee and Carter. We tried letting Baylee and Carter sleep together the last night, but they never could settle down and fall asleep!

Owen ready for Church on our last day there!

Baylee also ready for church, but not looking at the camera!

Andrew and Mark saying bye!

It's always a good time in Park City with the Bergers! I think this is the 5th year we've gone! Thanks Phil and Melanee!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Camping at Timpanogos!

We went camping with the Laird side of the family last week! It was pretty rainy, but still lots of fun! We went to the Timpooneke campground by Mt Timpanogos.

Owen practiced driving while we waited out the rainstorms!
He thinks he's so big!

At least the rain gave the kids and grandpa puddles to splash in!

Baylee and Owen loved playing in the tent!

Baylee slept in the tent with Mark. She was so excited, Mark said she wouldn't stop talking until she fell asleep! She kept asking him what he was thinking and she said, "Daddy I just can't stop thinking!"

Owen thought the tent was fun until it was time to sleep in it! Then he wanted nothing to do with it! So Owen and I slept in the car. We shared a pillow and he slept pretty good, better than I did :)

The next morning we went and hiked up to Timpanogos cave. Owen was my hiking buddy!

Karla, Steph, and me before the hike!

Baylee and Owen getting hydrated!

We made it! It was a lot harder hike than I remember it being. I guess last time I went I didn't have a 23 lb baby to carry!
It was fun though!
Also, it was a good thing Uncle Brian was there!
Baylee wouldn't have made it up without him!

Here is the whole Laird clan! I love my family!

Owen and me in the cave!

Baylee, Daddy, Owen and, Mommy!

The cave is pretty amazing! You're not supposed to touch the walls, so of course when Baylee heard this it became a huge temptation for her! I think she got out of there without touching too many things though!

Cute couples! Steph and Matt and Brian and Karla!

Grandma and Grandpa and Baylee after we made it out of the cave!