Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mark's dad's 60th Birthday Party!

We had a surprise party for Mark's dad on Saturday!
He turned 60!
He was so surprised!

Mark's dad loves to sing, so we had him sing, and Baylee loved it! She was dancing away! When he was done she kept saying, "Papa sing again!" Then she cried the whole way home to go back and see papa and nana!

Happy birthday Phil! You are my favorite Father-in-law! lol!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Princess Pancakes!

The other morning I made Baylee a pancake and put some whip cream on it. When I gave it to her she said, "It's a princess pancake!" It was so funny!

Friday, January 1, 2010


These pictures are a little out of order, but this was our Christmas!  It was so much fun! Baylee loved it!  She was so funny when she was opening her presents she kept saying, "Oh my goodness!" But she'd say it, "Oh my Goommess."  
Present from Santa
Grandma Clause gave Baylee a princess tent!
And a Princess table!

This is Baylee's Christmas Dress

These are some cute little mice that our friend Jenn made!  They were so cute!  Baylee kept saying I want to eat a mouse!  
Cookies for Santa!  (I told you these were out of order!)

At our house on Christmas morning!

"Oh my goommess!"

Jingle Bells!

Baylee and Grandma at 
Great Grandma Laird's house on Christmas Eve!

Baylee's Favorite Christmas song is jingle bells!  It was so fun to see her sing it, but usually she would stop if she saw me recording her so she could "see."  I finally got the whole thing recorded when we were at my grandma's house on Christmas Eve!