Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Animal Days!

My mom and I took Baylee to Logan to see Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center!

We got to go on a wagon ride pulled by these huge horses. The guy driving our wagon said that they weighed almost 2000 lbs!

This is us waiting in line. I thought it would be cold that day so I had baylee in a turtle neck and two sweat shirts! It actually turned out to be really nice and sunny!
Look at that baby lamb!
Baylee petting a calf!
Baylee's first pony ride! It was funny she totally could have sat on the pony by herself but since I was walking by her to make sure she didn't fall off she was leaning all of her weight on to me, so I had to hold her on the pony! lol!
Baylee and Grandma riding the train!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Happy Easter!
We had lots of fun with Baylee this year!

We colored Easter eggs! We had lots of cracked eggs! Mark and I kept gasping every time Baylee would break an egg but I guess we should have expected that from a two year old. . .right?

This was the Uintah Easter egg hunt on Saturday! I worked on Saturday but it was slow so I was able to leave and come to the egg hunt!
The Easter Bunny!
Baylee couldn't wait to get started we had to hold her back, but then when they finally honked the horn so all of the kids could go Baylee wouldn't pick any eggs up so we had to help her!

All the loot!

Then we went to my mom's for an Easter egg hunt and she had a special egg for Mark!
Inside of Baylee's eggs there was a number and each number had a present that went with it. There were five, yes FIVE, eggs with presents! (can you tell Baylee is an only grandchild?)

She got four books and some shoes! Then in addition to the eggs with numbers there were two silver eggs and Baylee got an alphabet puzzle and a number puzzle for her silver eggs. Plus there were also candy eggs!This was Easter morning! Baylee found the eggs the Easter Bunny hid! She kept saying, "This is a cold egg!" Because they were the real eggs!

Mark got Twilight in his Easter basket! He was thrilled!

Baylee helped me peel the eggs for breakfast. . . she started off pretty good then she just started smashing them so I had to take over!
On the way to grandpa and grandpa's to watch conference! Doesn't she look springy in her shorts? I think it was like 40 degrees this day but I let her wear the new shorts she got in her Easter basket!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Ok so here it is! This is how huge I am (well not the top picture the bottom one!) but the good news is only 6 more weeks! I went to the doctor last night and the baby is about 4 lbs 12 oz! Everything looks good so we're just hanging in here!

This was Christmas Eve I think I was about 19-20 weeks!

This picture was taken Feb 25th so i was about 28-29 weeks!
Here I am now! I'm about 34 weeks!