Friday, September 30, 2011

Goodbye Summer!

I guess since tomorrow is the first day of October I have to admit that summer is over.  Usually this would make me sad because I love summer, but I guess I'm starting to get old or something because I am really loving fall this year!  The weather has been absolutely perfect lately.  I've always liked fall, but it's just too close to winter.  I'm still not ready for winter

Anyways, I thought I better wrap up summer with a few pictures I never posted.

We went back to toads for a second night of pizza, arcade games, and family fun! 
Here is Baylee looking as cool as ever in her sunglasses!  She loves her sunglasses and would wear them pretty much anytime we'd go anywhere this summer.  She is funny too because she doesn't take them off when we go inside.  There were a few times this summer when we'd go down to the mall then she'd wear them in the stores and people would say how much they liked her sunglasses and her response was always, "You're welcome!"

Owen, Baylee, and Mark eating their pizza!

Baylee on the Dance Dance game.  

Baylee and Mommy playing dance dance revolution.  

Riding the motorcycle!

Pretty fun!  

Baylee set up a picnic at our house one day for her princesses.  
She served them goldfish in a red pail.  

I got a few bountiful baskets this summer.  One week we got red chard and I had no idea what to do with it.  I ended up making a stir fry and I thought it turned out pretty yummy!

Here we are picking raspberries in grandma and grandpa's garden!

I took the kids to Dinosaur Park a few times this summer!  They think it's pretty fun!  

My silly potato heads!  
I can't look at these pictures and not smile!  

One night Baylee look a bad of her toys over to the playground.  

I made Mark take a picture of me and the kids.  
Since I'm usually the one taking all of the pictures I'm never in them.  

Owen playing with his tractor.  

Baylee and Owen have gotten pretty good at playing together lately.

I caught Owen getting into Baylee's piggy bank and mark's wallet at the same time! 

We went swimming at my sister's pool with my family!

Steph and Karla!

Owen and Brian have matching swimming suits! 

We went back to Toads another time for mini golf!  It was pretty fun!

Poor Owen wasn't quite big enough to golf, but he was pretty happy just to ride in his stroller.  

Mark is pretty serious when it come to mini golf :)

Baylee was just "helping" her ball go in! 

We got some ice cream when we were done golfing.  

Baylee learned to write her name this summer.  
It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but she wrote her name in chalk.  

We made it to the Riverdale splash pad one time this summer!
My kids don't really love getting splashed in the face though, so they really don't love the splash pad.    

Owen just hung out on the edge.  He stayed pretty dry.  

 Baylee was only slightly braver than Owen.  

She got a little wet!

Here Owen is watching from the side again, 
but look at that brave baby in the background!

Ha! That is my friend Breann's little girl!  She didn't mind getting wet! 

Maybe next year well have to go more and they will actually get wet!

Okay, it has occurred to me that I probably should have made this two separate posts, but it's too late now. 
Sorry it's so long.  

Mark went on a four night camping trip with his dad, his brother Marshall, and a couple of his cousins.  
I decided we needed to do something fun while he was gone, so I took the kids to the zoo!
This was Owen's first trip to the zoo!

They each had to get a drink out of the lion drinking fountain!
(Oh, and might I add that Baylee picked out her own outfit this day.  I had nothing to do with it.  It's not the worst thing she's ever picked out though, so I figured it would at least work for a trip to the zoo!)

Here the kids are with and elephant in the background!

Riding a log horse!

Owen loved the monkeys!

They thought the giraffes were pretty cool too!

Playing in the mist!

This tiger was just sitting right up by the fence!  
You could see it so good it was just such an amazing animal!  

The kids ran right past the tiger to go check out the big empty pool of water! 
I had to take them back to make them look at the Tiger! 
(I have to admit the water is pretty cool too though. Too bad the tiger wasn't swimming in it!)

I got someone to take a picture of us by the gorilla sign!  

I guess I'm almost as tall as an adult male gorilla! 

I tried to get a picture of Baylee and Owen by the sign, but Owen couldn't hold still long enough!

He couldn't stand by the sign and lift his arms up at the same time!

Here he is by the sign!

But when his arms go up, he takes off!

We got to see a gorilla and three orangutans though the window!
At first we just saw the little orangutan then the two bigger ones came it.
Baylee was really excited that it was a family with a dad, mom and baby.  She looked at me and said, "Mom I just know the big sister will come in next!"
I had to explain to her that it was just a family of three.

We stopped to play at the playground!

Then we rode the train!

We stopped by the water fountain thing on our way out!