Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Better!

I got my last two drains out today! Yea! It feels so good to have them out! I feel like a normal person again!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I found this in my dryer the other day. . .

That's right Baylee melted 1 pound of butter in my dryer! I heard her open the door to the dryer so I went and turned it back on. I had gotten the butter out earlier because I was making treats and I didn't notice it was missing from the counter. At least I was just washing towels and they seem to be fine they don't look greasy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random pictures in random order!

These are the flowers my mom's office sent me! I thought that was really nice of them. They have heard my mom tell my c section recovery horror story over and over again!
The other day baylee turned on the water and just climbed in. She's out of control!
Owen asleep! Yes he has to sleep on pink blankets sometimes. . . I guess that's what happens when you have a sister.
When Baylee saw him in this outfit she said, "His shirt is so cute!" Lol
My little guy!
Owen looks like Mark!
And so does Baylee!

When I took this picture Baylee insisted on having the bar on the bouncer. I tried to take it off but she put it back on.
I love that sweet face!
Even their feet look alike!
Baylee ready to go swimming!
Owen came to visit me at the hospital. (So did Baylee we just didn't take a picture)

At my mom's house! I was asleep when Baylee got there! I was so excited to see her again!

Update: I still have my drains in. I had a CT scan on Monday and the doctor said their was a decrease in fluid but he still wants me to keep the drains in longer. I have an appointment with him next Wednesday so we'll see if he says I can have them out or if I have to have another CT scan first or if he'll make me keep them in forever :(
I guess I just need to learn patience or something. I've already had them in two weeks what's another week or two? I guess it's good he's being cautious because I really want to make sure all of the infection is gone because I sure don't want it to come back!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1 down 2 to go!

Well after a week in the hospital I'm out and doing a little better! The day after I was hospitalized I had the drains put in my abdomen! Which is much better than surgery but still hasn't been that fun! I had three tubes coming out of my stomach and I still have two of them. The first one came out today so that is progress. . . right?????

This picture is pretty much what my drains look like. The white part actually goes in my stomach and I found out today when they took the one out there is a nice little hole in my skin! Weird! I was surprised at how much of the tube was actually down in there when he pulled it out! Then the clear part of the tube hangs out and then that little bulb thing is connected to the tube and it is wear the fluid gathers. I have to flush out the drains three times a day with syringes full of saline! My mom made me a nice little pouch to wear around my waist where I put the drains so they aren't just hanging out of my clothes!

I have a tube on my left side below my ribs then there is one in the middle just below my belly button and then there was one on the right side below my ribs but that is the one I had taken out today!

I got out of the hospital at about 10:30 Monday night. Instead of going home we came to my mom's and are spending a couple more nights here! It's been nice to be out of the hospital and to be able to be with Baylee and Owen. I still don't do much though my mom, brother, and Mark pretty much take care of them! :)

When I first had my c section I told Baylee I couldn't carry her (you're not supposed to lift anything heavy for 6 weeks) so now everyday she asks me if I can carry her or she'll ask if I can carry daddy or grandpa or grandma! She also asks me, "Are you feeling a little bit better?"

Owen is doing really good he's a pretty content little guy most of the time so that is good!

I go to the doctor tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I won't get anymore of the drains out until at least Monday. I have another CT scan scheduled on Monday then I think if the other abscesses have gotten smaller they will take the other tubes out. A radiologist put my tubes in so I went to the radiology department to get the one taken out this morning. A nurse took it out but before he did he had a radiologist look at the last CT scan I had while I was at the hospital. The nurse said that the radiologist thought that the one on the right and the left were small enough that they both could come out but the one on the left is still "producing" fluid so it has to stay in. But he said the abscess in the middle is still pretty big so it will probably be in for awhile.

I figure that by Monday I should be feeing better because I'll have finished my antibiotics and hopefully I'll be getting my other two drains out. Then I'll just need my insicion to heal back up and I'll be all better!

This really has been the craziest thing that has ever happened to me. On Monday morning a doctor that works at the same clinic as my doctor was doing rounds for my doctor so he came in to check on me. He said that out of his practice my doctors practice and another doctor they work with they have never had anything like this happen! He said that is out of about 30,000 patients. So I guess I'm just lucky????

Really though through all of this we have been so blessed to have so much support ane help from friends and family! We are truly blessed!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back in the hospital!

Well I'm back in the hospital! Crazy!
I went in for a doctor's appointment yesterday and I really wasn't expecting to be hospitalized but I'm glad that they are taking this seriously and hopefully we'll be able to get it taken care of and when I go home I'll finally feel better and feel like I can take care of my two sweet kids!
I had a CAT scan last night and they found 3 pockets of fluid in my pelvis area so they are deciding this morning if they can poke my stomach and drain them somehow. If not then my doctor said he'll wait a couple more days and let me stay on IV antibiotics then he will do some surgery and open me up and clear it out. So I'm hoping the drain will work so I won' t have to have surgery again!
Anyways this has been crazy! I'm so grateful for my parents and my brother and my in-laws for taking such good care of our kids!