Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Playdate!

We invited a couple of cute tricker treaters over for a play date the other day!
When Mark and I first got married we lived in Ogden and were in the Sullivan Hollow 2nd ward! It was such a fun ward and we were sad to leave it. While we were in that ward we made some good friends, the Jensens, and the Hiatts! We hadn't seen each other in awhile so I invited them over for a little Halloween play date the other day!

We had mummy hot dogs! Yummy! They are easy to make and surprisingly delicious. Click here for the recipe!

Then I made some monster mouths! Eww scary huh! Baylee loved these and she still talks about eating them!

Then I made a veggie tray and colored my ranch dressing orange to patch the pumpkin!

Then we ate spiders and eyeballs for dessert! The spiders are easy enough to figure out right? I just used white chocolate to glue the eye's on. Then the eye balls were supposed to be vanilla wafers but I found some chocolate filled cookies at Target so I thought filled eyeballs would be better :) I just put melted white chocolate on top of those. Then I colored some white chocolate blue and put a brown mini M&M in the middle.

That was one lunch this little witch gobbled up!

I think all of the kids liked it! I forgot to buy Halloween plates so we had to use leftover pink ones from Baylee's birthday. . . oh well!

Then here are all of the babies socializing in the living room!

It sure wore out this little witch!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A weekend in Mesquite!

We spent two nights at a hotel in Mesquite last weekend. We went to meet up with Mark's brother Marshall, his wife Brittney, and their little boy Carter. They live in Arizona so we met in Mesquite. Marks parents and his brother Micah came with his little boy Beau too!
I don't know why but I didn't take very may pictures of this trip! We met up Friday night and had dinner. Then the men went golfing early Saturday morning then we went swimming and got ice cream. Then the girls went to the spa for massages. It was a pretty relaxing trip. . . well as relaxing as it gets when traveling with a three-year-old and 5 month-old :)

My pictures are all out of order.

Mark took this picture of Baylee's chocolaty face after eating her ice cream! Yum!

This is on Sunday when we were getting ready to check out of the hotel.

We met the guys at the end of the golf course so the kids hitched a ride on Marks golf cart! (Mark won the golf game! Woohoo!)

I was trying to keep Baylee busy while we were waiting for our food so we were licking the lemon and saying "ewww sour!" She thought it was hilarious!

Mark and Marshall having ice cream with their kidos. . .

Our room was at the end of a ridiculously long hallway. . . the kids did think it was fun to run down it though. (this video is not of the full length of the hallway. i'm not kidding it was a long long hallway.)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vegas Vacation!

So I think I've mentioned that Mark works part time for his dad at Morph2o. They do soil moisture monitoring. There was a water smart convention in Vegas so they were going down and the kids and I tagged along! I wasn't sure what I'd do all by myself and two kids in Vegas while Mark was at the water conference, but we actually managed to have a lot of fun!

This was right before we left! Notice Baylee's new off white jog suit thing? I thought it would be comfy for traveling. . .
I bought some easy cheese before we left because i think it's a road trip staple food. About 30 minutes into our trip. Baylee kept asking for more crackers and cheese. . .

I thought she was eating them.

We didn't get to Vegas till about 7 or so at night because of our frequent potty stops!
When we got there we met Marks dad for dinner. Then the next day Mark went to his conference really early and I took the kids to the aquarium.

Baylee thought it was lots of fun! But the little stinker wouldn't use the bathroom when we got there because she was sooo excited to go see the fish. The whole time she was doing the little cross her legs potty dance, so I kind of rushed her through it so we could get to the bathrooms at the end! (But luckily we did make it to the potty in time)

Here is Owen with the crocodile!

Here is a komodo dragon!

here is Baylee and the crocodile!

here's a big fish!

That night we took the kids and walked the strip. We went the M&M factory and then we watched the dancing waters at the Billagio! I didn't take my camera but I took our flip so I'll try and post videos. . . not that this isn't enough pictures for one blog post :)

The second day we were there I found the las vegas zoo! I put it in the GPS and when we got there I thought it had to have been a mistake. . . It didn't look anything like a zoo! I guess the Las Vegas zoo is just really tiny! It reminded me of the Tracey Aviary in Salt Lake if you have ever been there.
But it didn't really matter to Baylee she still had lots of fun!

There is a tortes!

There is a lion.
Here is Owen! He was such a good traveler!

When Mark got done at the water conference that day we went bowling. There was a bowling alley at the hotel!

Here is Mark working hard at his Morph2o booth!

Here is the future CEO of Morph2o! ha ha!
this is some car Mark wanted to get a picture taken by. . . I can't remember why!

here we are at the Rainforest cafe. We decided to stop there on our way out of Vegas. By the time we parked walked through the casino to the restaurant and got back in the car I swear it had been like three hours!

I just had to take a picture of the $10 mac and cheese! Baylee had maybe one bite of it!

General Conference!

We had a sleepover at my mom's house on Saturday night! It was the Saturday of General Conference so we all were able to watch the Sunday morning session of conference together!

While the boys were at priesthood the girls made caramel apples together!

Ok the rest of these are a little out of order!

This is Owen watching the Sunday morning session. . . he loved it! (ok. . . actually he was asleep during most of it)

This was the night before. . . after the boys got back from conference my mom had a spa party for us. Don't Mark and I look great with our masks on?

We had fun by the campfire outside!

We all got matching Halloween shirts!

Thanks mom and dad we had so much fun! Can't wait for next years GC2!

New Family Pics!

Remember how Mark wrote that essay and won family pictures for us?
Well. . . here are some of the fun pics we got!

Like what you see? Click here Jess does a great job!