Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Detour to San Diego!

One thing you should know about Mark is he loves Weber State Basketball!  Sometimes I think he may even love it more than he loves me. :)  Anyways, while we were in Arizona Mark found out that Weber was going to be playing San Diego State University in the NIT tournament. Mark figured that since we were only 5 hours away from San Diego we should just take a little detour home and go to the game!  So we did!  
Marks brother Matt lives in San Diego with his wife Cecillia and their two kids.  They were nice enough to let us stay at their home with them!  They even watched Baylee for us while we went to the game!  As you probably heard by now Weber lost!  But it was still a fun game to go to and I'm glad we got to stop in San Diego and see the Matt Berger fam!  
After the game we hung around and saw the players.  We even got our picture taken with Coach Rahe!  Mark got to stand by him so nothing could of made him happier. . . except Weber winning! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brewers v Cubs

Another fun thing we did in Arizona was go to spring training for major league baseball.  We went to a Brewers v Cubs game.  It was way fun!  The Brewers won and that is who we were cheering for!  
After the game we went down by the field and there were a few players signing autographs.  Mark was holding Baylee so he asked one of them if he would sign his baby!  He said he would but Mark just had him sign his ticket instead! :)

Mesa Temple

We went to the Mesa temple on Sunday!  It is so beautiful!  I remember going there last time I went to Phoenix (I think I was like 11 or 12), but I didn't remember how gorgeous it is!  It is so pretty!  I loved it!  It smelled so good too!  Baylee kept running around smelling the flowers!  It was pretty cute!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Arizona Road Trip

Baylee liked running around Kanab!

This is some dam.  I can't remember what it was called, but it looked cool.  

This is an ice cream place in Page, AZ.  Baylee loved it!  
We ate strawberry cheesecake!  

Then we stopped in Flagstaff.  Because NAU is in the Big Sky conference just like Weber State!
Mark bought a hat and a shirt.  He called Cody Olsen and bought him a shirt too!
Baylee ran around the bookstore like a crazy baby!  She found a lumberjack cheerleading outfit and carried it around for awhile. Mark wouldn't buy it for her.  He said she's a wildcat!  So I guess now he'll have to get her a WSU one!  
Go Lumberjacks!

This is at Marshall and Brittney's house.  Baylee and Carter seem to like being reunited!  

Baylee loved the play area at the Santan Village mall.  

Carter and Baylee are so cute together!

Baylee loved the slide!

This is Baylee's first scraped knee!  But don't worry mom it wasn't that bad!  She didn't even cry.  

Mark, Baylee and I ate at In-N-Out burger for the first time ever.  Well Mark ate there in vegas once but it was our first time as a family!  It was pretty good!  Baylee loves the lemonade!  
We sat by a family with 9 kids, they were mormons, and they said that they could tell we were too!  It was pretty funny!