Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just about every Sunday while I'm getting ready (it's just about the only day that I get ready these days except for Saturday when I go to work) Baylee will bring me this pair of pink shoes that I got for my sisters wedding. She'll say, "Wear these shoes mommy!" Not that I would wear heals while pregnant anyways since your equilibrium is already off, but I can't wear these shoes because my feet are so huge! They just don't fit!
I can't really wear any of my shoes lately. I think I'm down to two pairs! At least it's finally getting warm enough to wear flip flops again! That's what will get me through the next six weeks! I don't remember my feet getting so big while I was pregnant with Baylee but maybe that's just because I was pregnant with her mostly during spring and summer so I just wore flip flops anyway!
I keep forgetting to have Mark take a picture of me on the rare occasion that I do get dressed and put make-up on! Next time I do I'll have him take a picture and I'll post it so you can all see how big I am :)

Someday I'll wear those shoes again!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Disney On Ice!

World of Fantasies!
My mom took Baylee, Steph, and I to see Disney on Ice last Friday! It was lots of fun!

There was a princess pre-show and we saw Cinderella and Tiana (from the princess and the frog).
Then we got some pop corn and watched the Ice show! She kept saying, "I want to go upstairs and get a drink!" Because when Mark takes her to WSU basketball games he get's her popcorn and a soda. But the popcorn at ESA is $4.75 and I don't know how much drinks were but I figured she'd get by with her sippy cup of water!
The show was fun there was a part from cars, then The Little Mermaid, and then The Lion King! We were on the second row and Baylee sat on my mom's lap most of the time. During The Little Mermaid they had bubbles coming down, so Baylee looked up and noticed the Jumbo tron. It was WAY WAY up there but she kept looking at it to watch what was going on like ten feet in front of her! During intermission we went down by the ice to get our picture taken and Baylee said, "I'm going to watch tinkerbell on that big TV!" I thought it was so funny!

The second half was all about Tinkerbell so that was fun! Baylee likes to watch the Tinkerbell movie so she was pretty into it!

Thanks mom for taking us! You're the best!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Going Private!

I really didn't want to do this, but I think it's time to make my blog private! So if you'd like to read it please leave me your email! Thanks!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baylee's Apron!

I finally made an apron for Baylee! I've been wanting to make her one for awhile because she loves to help when I'm cooking!

She wouldn't look at me while I was taking her picture because she was too busy watching Elmo's world!
Notice my flower? I thought it was a nice touch! My friend Breann showed me how to make them. It was my first one but I thought it turned out pretty good!
I forgot to put a pocket on the apron. Maybe I'll get around to making one someday, but if not I guess it will be ok without one!

Print your blog!

I just wanted to share this with everyone! Last September I had our blog printed at Blog2Print. It only cost about $30 and they just emailed me a coupon code for 15% off! The code is newb2p it expires March 31st! So if you've ever wanted to print your blog it's a really easy way to do it. Plus it's always nice to get a little discount! When I had our blog printed they only had one way to do it and it made it compact so the captions don't always match up with the pictures, but they have changed it so you can choose to print it "snapshot" and it will print it just how it looks on your blog!