Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Sister!

We have big news!  Baylee is going to be a big sister!  Yep, I am about 10 weeks along!  We are so excited!  
I got this "big sister" shirt for Baylee to surprise our families!  It was a really fun way to tell them!  
I ordered her shirt online and it took longer to come then I thought it would so I was waiting forever!  But the night before it came I had a dream that when it came it said "Girl Power" on it instead of "Big Sister" so I was really sad in my dream cause no one would know I was pregnant if she was just wearing a shirt that said "Girl Power" lol!  

This is us telling my family!
This is us telling Mark's family!  As you can tell Baylee was super cooperative for pictures!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Congrats Steph and Matt!

My sister Stephanie got married on Friday to Matthew Caldwell! We are so excited for them! It was such a fun day. Everything was beautiful! Especially Steph!

I love the Ogden Temple! Mark was very happy that they got married there so we didn't have to drive far :)

Steph and Baylee

Me and Baylee! And Mark in the background!