Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Animals and Easter!

We went to Baby Animal days this year!
Baylee and I went two years ago when I was pregnant with Owen! 
I can't believe two short years later he's already so big :)

We went with some friends in our ward this year! 

We held baby chicks!

They were so cute! 

We cuddled baby bunnies! 
This little bunny kept trying to get out of Baylee's arms! 

This little bunny was much easier to hold!  

We waited in a really really long line to ride the train! 

Baylee and her little friend Brylie wanted to ride in the "jail" part of the train! 

We waiting in another really really long line to ride pony's! 

Baylee and Owen thought it was lots of fun though!
They had baby bears, but we didn't wait in line to see them. 
It was another really really long line and the kids were too tired! 
I was sad though, cause when we went two years ago the baby bears were so cute! 
But, there wasn't a line to see them two years ago, so that was nice. 

 I had to work on Saturday this year, so I missed the kids Easter egg hunt in Uintah, and the one at my mom's. So, I don't have pictures of that, but they did have a lot of fun on Saturday!
Sad I missed it!
On Easter morning the 
Easter Bunny brought bikes, baskets, and pillow pets! 

Checking out the goodies!  

Owen trying out his new wheels!  

Baylee loves her princess bike. She is still trying to figure out how to pedal it though! 
We're working on it :) 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Is March over already? Wow that went by fast!
Most of March we were sick or we were cleaning. We did make it down to the park quite a few times on the warm days though, so that was nice! I'm still trying to finish my Spring cleaning! I'm determined to get it all done this week!

I should finish pretty soon with my good little helpers! 
Ha! Cleaning with kids around is a joke. It's like you get one thing cleaned up just in time to clean up anther mess! 
Also, anything you try to have them do to keep busy while you clean either only lasts a few minutes or turns into a big mess. 
Like this day. . . 
The kids played out behind our house after it had rained, and it was so muddy! 
Owen came running inside with his filthy muddy shoes! At least Baylee knew to take hers off first! 
That made me happy! 

I took them down to the mall a few weeks ago to ride the train!
Baylee loved it, and Owen loved it most of the way. He started crying at the very end. I'm sure he'd go again though. 

Baylee and Owen both love to eat Popsicles! 
Here is a video of Owen asking my for a Popsicle! 
One day Baylee wanted a popsicle, but we were all out. 
Baylee- "Will you buy popsicles next time you go to the store?"
Me- "Yes"
Baylee-"Sometimes people call popsicles 'fox'sicles. When Foxes eat food they poop out popsicles. That is why they are called 'fox'sicles."
Pretty sure she didn't learn that on Dora. I really don't know where that came from. Crazy girl! 

Owen has started talking so much lately! It is really fun, but it makes me sad. 
My baby is getting too big! 
Owen loves to play with balls. He has a serious sport obsession. 
It doesn't matter what sport it is as long as there is a ball he loves it. 
Owen watched the golf channel with Mark one day a couple of months ago. Even since then he will get out the spatulas from the drawer in the kitchen and hit balls around our living room like he's golfing! It's so funny!
(I tried to upload a video,but it didn't work.)

When we drive Baylee to preschool we drive by quite a few houses that have basketball hoops in their driveways. I noticed while we were driving Owen would keep saying, "A ball, a ball, a basketball!" I finally realized it's cause he could see the hoops that he was saying that.

My parents have a basketball hoop in their driveway, so whenever we go over there Owen get Grandpa to take him out to play "hoops."
My parents watched Owen and Baylee the other night and my mom said they were out playing "hoops" and Owen wouldn't let Grandma lift him up to shoot the ball. Only Grandpa could :)

Baylee has had quite a few funny things to say lately. 
Here are a few. . .

I bought Baylee a new shirt and jacket at Target one day. She wanted to wear it after we got home, so I let her put it on. 
Somehow, everyday she wears pants all day long, until I'm making dinner. Then she will usually go to the bathroom or something, and she will leave her pants off. So, just about every day when Mark gets home, she doesn't have pants on. 
While I was making dinner I said to her, "Baylee, hurry and get your pants on then when daddy gets home he'll say what a cute outfit!"
Baylee responded, "No, he'll say, 'did mommy do this?' Then I'll say, 'yeah!' And he will be so mad at you! he doesn't like new shirts!"

Baylee and Mark had a daddy daughter date a couple of weeks ago. They went to an orchestra/ballet concert at Weber State. 
When they got home she was talking about it and dancing around. I asked her what her favorite instruments were. She said she liked the trumpets and violin. Then, thinking about the ballerinas, I said, "Did people dance?"
She says, "No, we just sat in our chairs. It was a quite place."
Ha ha! 

The other day Baylee had a canker sore on her cheek. It went away after a couple of days, but then she got another one on her tongue. Today I had a canker sore in my mouth. Since she had just had one, I told her that I had one now too. She thought about it for a minute then she said, "I know what a canker is. You can have one on your cheek, you can have one on your tongue, or you can use it to stop a boat!"
I tried to explain that canker just rhymes with anchor, but she still thinks a canker will stop a boat.