Saturday, June 25, 2011

We love Mark! Beards and all!

My kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful father! We loved celebrating him on Father's day last week! Baylee was so cute at Church when she went up on the stand to sing with the primary kids. She saw Mark and she signed "I love you" to him. It was adorable.
Then Mark helped Baylee give her first talk in primary and she did great it was so cute! That made Mark's father's day special! Also in primary Baylee's teachers had the kids answer a little questionnaire about their dads. I wanted to share her answers they were kid of funny:

(I'll put quotes around her answers)
My dad has "green" colored eyes, and "brown" colored hair. (She got that right)
My dad is "60" years old. (She must have gotten daddy confused with papa and grandpa!)
My dad loves to: "stay downstairs" (I thought that was a funny answer!)
My dad doesn't like to: "My dad doesn't like what I give him" (not sure where that answer came from.)
The best thing about my dad is: "I like my dad!"
I know my dad love me because: "A hug and kisses!"

This is my little tribute to Mark. . .
Mark loves to grow beards. They are not my favorite thing, but I do kind of find it funny because he's so proud of his beards and they make him happy. The other day I was looking at old pictures on our computer and I thought I should share some of the awesome (his word) beards Mark has had since we have been married. Love you Mark :)

One of his smaller beards. This picture was at the airport waiting for my brother to get home from his mission.
This was at a parade. Probably for the 4th of July, but I can't remember for sure.

Here is a pretty awesome beard :) This was swimming at Lava hot springs.

This was Marks beard when he went to Alaska with his dad and some of his brothers. It was probably his best beard ever.

Here is his beard for the Vegas water conference we went to last October.

This is a nice one! (How do you depict sarcasm while typing? Should I wink? ;) )

Not sure what this beard was for. . . it could have been the start of the Alaska beard.

Ahhh! This one is great. When Mark came home from Alaska I was pretty excited for him to shave off his beard. He walked out of the bathroom looking like this! He just shaved off the mustache part! I think he actually left it like this for work the next day!

Here is Mark back in Alaska with his dad and his beard!

This was on our trip to Arizona this year. I guess it was pretty small after looking at those Alaska beard pics.

This one I actually kind of like. It's more of a goatee. This was Mark's last day at ORS by the way.

Not sure what this was. . . but it's a good one to end on.

Anyways, I truly am lucky to have such a wonderful husband! He keeps me entertained! He is a great dad to Baylee and Owen. We all love him so much!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Owen is a teething baby!

Owen started teething pretty early like around 4 months or so. . . he has had eight teeth for awhile. Right after his 1st birthday he started getting his 4 canine teeth in. Last Sunday I noticed he was getting one of his top molars. Then just about an hour ago I noticed his two bottom molars have broken through! This means he has 16 teeth already! I can't believe it!

Baylee was an early teether, but I don't think she got her teeth this early! That meas he only has 4 more teeth to go! Crazy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A few words from Baylee. . .

Mark always tells Baylee that she needs to eat more food so she can grow big. The other day she said to him, "Daddy, mom is not as big as you. . . I think mom has got to eat a little more food!"

While jumping from couch to couch, "They call me Supergirl!"

I was looking at some of Owen's birthday pictures and there was one with a cake/frosting hand print on his face. Baylee saw it and said, "There's a clue on his face!" (She loves blues clues!)

Baylee always tell me that she isn't big or little she is just medium!

Mark was eating a grilled cheese sandwich one night and I said to Baylee, "Do you want a grilled cheese sandwich like daddy?" Baylee yells at Mark, "But daddy you're not a girl! You're a boy!" (She thought I said girl cheese! She still thinks when you say grilled cheese you're saying girl cheese! Mark is supposed to eat boy cheese!)

Mark was growing a beard before our trip to Arizona, I was telling him he needed to shave it and he said, "I'm like Thor." Baylee heard him and said, "Daddy you're not four!" Then she says to me, "Mom, tell daddy how old he is!" (don't miss my Arizona trip blog click here)

I made a baked chicken for dinner one night. Baylee ate both of the drumsticks. I asked her if she wanted a wing and she goes, "Mom, it must be a flying dinosaur! Maybe it's a flying ladybug!" I'm pretty sure I told her we were eating chicken. . . not dinosaurs or ladybugs!

Today at church Baylee got assigned to give the talk for next week in primary. I said to her, "Baylee do you have to give a talk about being baptized?" She goes, "No! about bad guys!" Then she started talking about burying swords so I'm pretty sure they talked about the anti Nephi Lehi's in Sunbeams today

Arizona Trip and Idaho!

I just realized I did this out of order. . . . I went to Idaho before Arizona, but I'm not switching the pictures now.

We took a trip down to Arizona over memorial day to go to our nephew Jacob's baby blessing! We made the trip down in one day! It took about 13 hours! We left at 4 a.m. so the kids slept for about the first 5 hours. Then we made about 6 stops before we got to Mark's brother Marshall's house.

We saw this lizard thing at one of the stops.

Here is Mark with the kids!

Me with my buddy Owen!

Marshall and Birttney were babysitting a puppy and Baylee wasted no time climbing it it's cage!

Baylee and Carter in the dog cage!

Aunt Brittney and baby Jacob!

Baylee and Carter had lots of fun together! I'm sad they don't get to see each other more often!

It was nice to get in some warmer weather and be able to swim outside!

Swimmin' in the pool!

Carter loved the slip n' slide! Baylee did not love it so much! Mark and I even went on it too! I have a video, but I don't think the Internet is ready for that! Ha!

Of course we couldn't go anywhere without Baylee leaving her mark. . . .

Sunday after the baby blessing everyone was eating and having a good time. The kids were playing upstairs in Carter's play room and I went up to put Owen down for a nap. I saw all this white stuff in the hallway and I look over at the kids and there is just white stuff everywhere! So I ran and grabbed my camera then I realized who the ringleader of this mess was! Carter had a Toy Story bean bag chair that I guess unzipped. . . so Baylee unzipped it! We spent a long time vacuuming! I'm sure Marshall and Brittney will be finding little white Styrofoam balls in their house as long as they live there!

Here is Nana with her newest grandchild!

Here is Mark's family! Marshall, Carter, Beau, Papa, Owen, Nana, Jacob, Baylee (Mark was trying to keep her for running off), Mark, and Micah

Papa and Nana with Owen and Jacob.

Do these two look like cousins? They sure look a lot more like each other than Baylee and Carter!

Owen really loved baby Jacob! I think Owen will make a great big brother. . . hint hint Mark :)

Saying goodbye!

Thankfully it won't be too long till these two meet again we're having a Berger reunion in August! Woohoo!

We really had so much fun visiting Arizona! Marshall and Birttney are great hosts! Brittney's family was also there for the blessing. They are so sweet and we haven't seen them for along time so that was fun. Brittney's mom is an awesome cook! Have you ever had jalapeno poppers? Yummy! I think I had like ten of them!

On our trip home we broke it up a bit by staying in a hotel in St. George. It was fun and we got some swimming in!

Also that night Mark asked the people at the front desk where a good place to get take out is and they told him Troy's bbq! So Mark went there and brought some back so we could just eat it in our room. It was SOOOO good! I should have taken a picture of it. Seriously next time your in St. George go there!

A few days before we went to Arizona I made a trip to Idaho with my kids, and my mom to visit my Grandpa in Burley Idaho. We also met my cousin Hillary there to take pictures of her and her adorable daughter Addison!

Addison is an adorable little girl!

They are both gorgeous!

My grandpa has a big glass jar of necklaces in his front room, Baylee and Addison loved it!

So Beautiful!

Great-Grandpa Mitchell and Addison!

Great-Grandpa Mitchell and Baylee!

Owen and his Great-Grandpa!